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Control Board Troubleshooting: Identifying EEPs for Convenient Testing

Son of Samurai


We had a great webinar this past Sunday all about troubleshooting a Thermador wall oven with a cooling fan that wouldn't run. Lots of vital tech know-how covered in this one, like how to structure your troubleshooting flow, identify loads and switches on schematics, and perform useful and meaningful tests that will lead you to the correct solution.

In this short excerpt from the recording of that webinar, we talk about using the schematic to identify EEPs for your testing -- no unnecessary disassembly for smart techs!

Want to watch the full webinar, which dives into every aspect of troubleshooting this problem in detail? Click below -- viewable only by premium members.

Screenshot 2021-05-22 004100.png

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Appliance Repair Service


I'm actually becoming a better qualified tech by just watching the short videos.  Thanks!

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  • Team Samurai
Samurai Appliance Repair Man


On 5/23/2021 at 2:21 PM, Appliance Repair Service said:

I'm actually becoming a better qualified tech by just watching the short videos.  Thanks!

That's great! Watch the full webinar recording for even more goodies. 

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