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How to replace a ripped door boot seal on a Whirlpool WFW9600TW01 steam washer

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


You shouldn't need a manual to replace that door boot.

It is held in place by two wire 'bands'. The one on the outside edge is spring loaded. To remove it, all you do is grip the loop on the end of the spring with a pair of needle nose pliers (or a small flatblade screwdriver works too) and stretch the spring out and over the lip.

The inner band will either be a flat band that is sort of like a big over sized worm-gear clamp, or it will be a wire clamp like on the front edge except it is tightened with a screw. Which ever kind it is, loosen it up and slide it over the lip edge and pull it out. You can now remove the old boot.

The new boot will have a top and a bottom - make sure you have the arrow or notch at the top and the drain holes at the bottom. Fit the inner lip first by working it around pushing the rubber edge of the boot over the plastic lip of the outer liner. Once it is on all the way around you will be able to slide your hand all the way around and it will feel smooth and even. Then flip the inside of the boot inside the tub (making it inside out) to make it easier to work on the outer band. Work the outer band on all the way around making sure that it is over the lip and in the groove - and then tighten the clamp/screw. Make sure it is good and tight. I use a little ratchet to do this - others reach in from on top with a screwdriver - either way, just make sure it is good a tight or you'll be moping up a flood.

Then flip the inside of the boot back into shape and fit it around the lip on the outer frame. Once it is all in place and smooth, you can replace the outer band. There are different ways of doing this, but I just use my hands - grip the band on either side of the spring. Hook the top of the band over the top edge and fit it around the sides as far as you can. Then stretch the spring out by separating your hands ... at the same time pulling it down over the bottom lip. I can do it in one try pretty much every time now, but it took a bit of practice. Don't be surprised if this takes a couple of tries.

Done ... crack a cold one and enjoy your washer.

Source: Whirlpool WFW9600TW01 Washer Door boot seal replacement