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How to remove the front panel on a Whirlpool Duet Sport washer

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


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from the Whirlpool Duet Service Manual:

Removing the washer front panel will require that the door switch be removed

and the boot be separated completely from the front panel opening.

The console must also be removed.

Access to these components requires that the top of the washer be removed.

Removing the Washer Top

Three screws secure the washer top at the back of the washer.

Remove the three screws and lift the top from the washer. (Fig. 4-4)

Removing the Console from the Cabinet

Disconnect the Touch Pad/LED Assembly ribbon connector from the left side of the Central Control Unit (Fig. 4-5)

and release it from the wiring harness brackets on the right side of the washer top.

Remove the detergent dispenser drawer by pressing down on the release tab at the back of the drawer (Fig. 4- 6A)

and pulling it completely out of the washer

Once the drawer is removed, remove the screw in the recessed hole next to the drawer opening.

Release the tab securing the right side of the console to the washer (Fig. 4-6B).

Open the washer door and place a flat-bladed screwdriver into the slot in the bottom center of the console (Fig. 4-6C).

Push the console up to release center console tab.

Be sure the ribbon cable clears the cabinet frame.

Removing the Touch Pad/LED Assembly from the Console

The Touch Pad/LED Assembly is removed as a single unit and contains the Push Buttons, LEDs, cable, etc. (Fig. 4-7A)

The buttons can be replaced separately as shown in Fig. 4-7B.

The washer door can be removed by removing the upper left shield cover and hinge cover.

Open the door and remove three screws securing the door hinge to the washer front and lifting upward.

Access to the door switch requires that the water seal boot be removed from the front of the washer. (Fig. 4-11)

Use a flat bladed screwdriver at the location of the retainer spring and pull the retainer forward

and then off the perimeter of the boot.

Ease the edge of the boot off of the lip of the washer front near the door switch. (Fig. 4-12)

Remove enough of the boot to gain access to the door switch behind the washer front panel.

The door switch is secured to the washer front panel with three screws.

Once these screws are removed, the door switch will remain in place until

it is lifted slightly and pulled back from the washer front panel

Next, remove the three screws securing the toe panel to the front of the washer (Fig. 4-14)

and remove the toe panel by lifting slightly and pulling forward.

Remove the two screws securing the bottom of the front panel to the washer,

and the two screws securing the top of the front panel to the washer.

The front panel can now be removed from the washer. (Fig. 4-15) :whistling:

Source: Whirlpool Duet Sport Ht WFW9400SW01


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