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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Got a bonafide blizzard going on here! Finally some decent snow to go with the cold. We're supposed to get a foot and half of the white stuff. Cold weather without snow is just depressing. I'll post some winter wonderland pics tomorrow.

Meanwhile, making final preps for the trip to Greece. We leave Wednesday. Here's a fun fact to know and tell: AT$T doesn't have an international voice plan for cell phones, it's just a flat $1.29/minute even if someone calls you and even if you don't answer and the call rolls over to voice mail! The only way you don't get charged is if the phone is off. This takes hating junk calls to a whole new level! :nono::rolleyes::blush:

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Have a Great trip - pound a couple shots of Ouzo for me !!


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BTW - I'd be leaving that phone at home if I were you ..................

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Domo, kdog. I'll be sure to hoist a shot of ouzo for each and every one of the Masters... after we leave the monastery and return to Athen, of course. :blush:

I'll still take my phone just in case of emergency, but you can bet it's staying off most of the time. I'll turn it on briefly a couple times a day to check in here and to post updates at

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