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Things to check on a Samsung WF218ANW/xaa washer that won't fill with water

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Re-verify that the cold & hot water hoses are connected correctly (hot hose to hot valve & cold hose to cold valve).

Inspect the black tube on the WATER LEVEL SENSOR. It should be attached to the SENSOR and the tiny spring-clamp should be securely holding the tube in place.

Usually a *NO FILL* symptom will trigger an error message.

"nF" : No Fill

"LE" : Water Level Sensor Error

The WATER LEVEL SENSOR should give 22 to 24 OHMS at the *pink* & *violet* connections of the SENSOR (remove plug to test sensor).

If the WATER LEVEL SENSOR is "good"---start a cycle with HOT water selected.

The HOT WATER VALVE should be getting 115/120 volts AC (within 30 seconds).

Turn off the washer---turn on washer.

Repeat the test using a cycle for COLD water only. One of the COLD WATER VALVES should be getting 115/120 volts AC (within 30 seconds).

If not---try clearing the EEPROM...

Power off washer.

Press the following buttons at the *same* time:



POWER (on).

Test washer functions again to see if water enters.

If not---order a new MAIN BOARD.


There are 2 versions of this washer (with the same model number). Use the SERIAL NUMBER to order the *correct* MAIN BOARD.


If a new MAIN BOARD has been installed---perform the EEPROM clear/reset procedure *again*. This resets the "computer" (new board).

If this is not done---it can appear that the new board is *defective* as the washer will not function properly (erratic operation).

Source: Samsung WF218ANW/xaa