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Handling imbalance problems in LG - Kenmore front load washers

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


If the washer is on a WOOD floor---try:

1) Add one bath towel to the tub/close door (this will mimic an unbalanced load).

2) Press: Power Button ("on")

3) Press: Spin Speed Button to *High*

4) Press: Start Button

5) Place one finger at each of the front leveling legs & wait until the Tub begins to accelerate to higher RPM spin.

If the left or right leveling leg begins to move or hop up/down---use the *LG wrench* to adjust the "leg" until it

stops (unsually 1/4 to 1/2 a turn).

On LG washers (and equivalent Kenmore models) with the "True Balance" feature---it is normal to observe the following:

1) 0 rpm to 400 rpm: Slight/low grade wobble of the washer as the tub begins to spin with *wet* laundry.

2) 400 rpm & above: Near perfect spin cycle. Very little or no Shakes/Vibration/Rattle etc for the duration of

the spin cycle.

3) As the spin cycle ends----the tub begins to slow down. 800rpm/700rpm/600rpm etc.

4) When the tub slows to 400rpm and comes to a dead stop---a slight wobble/vibration occurs (briefly).

All of the above is *normal*.

True Balance differs from older LG washers in that---on the older models---the ENTIRE spin cycle is an uncontrollable vibration/rattle/shaking/coiled-spring noise event. Start-to-finish.

Source: Kenmore washer 79640272 reset?

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