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Samurai Appliance Repair Man's Blog

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Valentine's Day and 21st Wedding Anniversary Dinner with Mrs. Samurai

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


I took Mrs. Samurai to the Inn at Pleasant Lake last night to celebrate both Valentine's Day and the 21st anniversary of our Greek Orthodox wedding (we had our pagan wedding two years prior-- we've been married for almost 23 years of pure bliss). :kiss:

The meal was a gourmet six-course affair at a flat rate of $72/seating. I have never had a meal like that! It began with a cocktail hour during which the chef and owner of the Inn came out and introduced the guests to the coming meal with mouth-watering detail. His funny and light-hearted description of the food got our stomachs grumbling in high gear. When we were seated and they brought out the first course, roasted duck breast, he right away exceeded all the expectations he just set up! And so the rest of the evening went. We were there for over three hours dining in a cozy and intimate atmosphere at a leisurely pace.

If you're ever near the New London, NH, area, you need to experience dinner at the Inn at Pleasant Lake with someone special. :wub:

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congrats to you and the Mrs.!!! 23 years (including the 2 pagans ones LOL)

is sure something to hang yer hat on.

did you get all the spoon/fork ettiquette right? sure looks like a tasty matter which fork ya used!

Cheers to both you crazy kids!

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I took my sweety to Mexican food and gulped down a few Cadillac margaritas. I'm jealous.

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Very Nice.

My wife & I were married around the same time (June 1990).

Best decision I ever made too <laugh>.

We have a restaurant in our neck of the woods similar to "The Inn". Superb dinners by a *real* chef.


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