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Troubleshooting tip for fixing an Amana NED7200TW (Samsung-built) electric dryer that's not heating

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Being a Samsung-built dryer, this one can throw you a curve ball if you're not used to thinking like a Korean. Fortunately, Doctor John is fluent in Korean Dryerese and sets us on the right track:

A SAMSUNG-built dryer.

The temperature THERMISTOR should show 10,000 ohms at 77F

If not---replace it.

In nearly all cases where the THERMISTOR has failed---the *coating* on it has become damaged and the tiny copper winding has a green color (corrosion). This is especially common in areas near a salt-water environment (beach/shore).

See image: http://www.repaircli...200tw-%3d%3dc61

Also inspect the TERMINAL BLOCK (where plug is attached to dryer) for loose/burnt connection(s).

Here's the part link for the thermistor ==>


And, for reference and enrichment, here's the schematic for this dryer:

20120316-85kcn1m4cbrkhuqaj1i25gsjuu.preview.jpgClick for large view - Uploaded with Skitch

Source: Amana NED7200TW Dryer no heat, problem with cycling thermostat?

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