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How to install the heater kit on the dispenser of a GE refrigerator to stop it from freezing water in the tube

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


So you thawed out the dispenser supply tube and now the dispenser works again. All good, right?


Yes, you still need to install the heater kit. Don't believe me? Yeah, I know, I'm just a semi-lucid, mostly-fermented Samurai so, heck, I don't blame you-- half the time, I don't believe me, either! But perhaps you'll believe Chief Master Appliantologist DurhamAppliance:

Yes, you still need to do the repair since the problem will reoccur.

get a small screwdriver or pointy object and press in the tabs from below the touch pad. Instructions come with the kit and quite easy


You get some splicing thingamadoodles with the kit..(red things in the following picture) per instructions ..simple, just clamp the watchimacallits on designated wires and ta da!. .Bob's your uncle! Then strut around the kitchen shouting "yoo hoo! "Who's yo daddy?" "How ya like me now", 'I be da man!" .."dont taze me bro!" or simply say them to yourself while asking for the check.

click on picture


Here's the part link to the heater kit ==> http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Heating-Element/WR49X10173/1381601

Here are the instamallation destructions that come with the heater kit ==> http://appliantology...ezing-ref10-07/

And here be some additional tips on this repair by Sublime Master Santa ==> http://appliantology...e-refrigerator/

Source: GE sxs PSC23MGNACC no water at dispenser