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Maytag MDB7100AWW dishwasher "Low motor current" error code: The Fix

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


My Maytag MDB7100AWW Dishwasher recently began stopping mid-cycle.

On investigation I noticed that when this occurred, the "Clean" & "Light Wash" LED's were flashing after the failure.

This error code indicates "low motor current." (Code sheet found inside Dishwasher lower front panel.)

I opened up the panel behind the door and had a look at the circuit board. The two largest resistors on the board showed signs of high temperature on the board underneath them. When I unsnapped the board and looked on the reverse side, I noticed evidence of cold soldered and arcing pins. The pins are from the two black relays nearest the contacts where the connecters plug into the board .

The motor appeared to be in perfect condition, so I ordered a new board from Repair Clinic. Fedex delivered overnight and the dishwasher is working like new again.

Looks like the "low motor current" error code was caused by the failing control board and had nothing to do with the motor.

Source: Maytag MDB7100AWW Dishwasher Failure

Part link for the control board==>


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