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Maytag Neptune washer with a tE error code

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Model number mah6700aww

lower case t E ?

Sump thermistor failure


Unplug harness connector and test from wire insertion side of connector.

Pin #6 and Pin #3 of CN3

13K ohms @ 70F (2.5V DC)

Yes---as RegUS mentioned---the "tE" error is a Thermistor Error.

Can be caused by:

1) Corroded plug connection at THERMISTOR (common)

2) Failed HEATER (can be tested for continuity with a test meter)

NOTE: The THERMISTOR can be access from the bottom of the washer---if an assistant can tip the washer back.

The location of the *bullet-shaped* sensor is at/near the 6 o'clock position on the front of the tub.

Part link for the thermistor with a 365-day return policy ==>

Source: mah6700aww gets upside down F and E error code


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