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Maytag Dependable Care washer fills up with water and then does nothing

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


The problem is usually the lid switch. Professer Willie explains:

This is one of the last good old Genuine Dependable Care 2-belt Maytag machines that has the two switches in the lid switch assembly, the check switch is the one that usually fails.

Complete lid switch assembly with new fuse: http://www.repaircli...y/22001682/1468


Check switch only: 207166 http://www.repaircli...bly/207166/1800


Main lid switch replacement: 279347 http://www.repaircli...tch/279347/3406


My preferred method is to eliminate the check switch then you still have the main switch so machine is still safe and you don't have the problem of the check switch failing and causing problems.

The original dependable care Maytag's never had the check switch and fuse, just the one main lid switch and you hardly ever had a problem with just the single switch.

To take the check switch out of the circuit just requires removing the white wire and taping it with electrical tape so it can't short back to the rest of the wiring loom, then connect the other two wires remaining on the check switch together, no more problems with that flaky check switch failing and machine is still totally safe, (won't operate with lid up).

The only real purpose of the check switch is so if the main switch contacts weld together, making the machine able to operate with the lid open then the check switch will short line to neutral thru the 1 amp fuse and immediately blow the fuse. Other than that it's just an extra added nascence/problem area on an otherwise excellent machine.

Source: Maytag LAT9304AAE Fill up with correct water amount and does nothing

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