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How to enter self diagnostic mode in a GE side by side refrigerator

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


This is for the GE refrigerators that have the muthaboard in back and at least 5 pads on the touch control panel.

Self Diagnostics

To enter Self Diagnostic mode, both temperature control panel displays must be illuminated.

A display can be illuminated by pressing an adjacent temperature adjustment button.

When both displays are illuminated, set the freezer and refrigerator temperature settings to 5.

Simultaneously press and hold all 4 temperature adjustment buttons for approximately 3 seconds.

A flashing 0 in the refrigerator and freezer displays will indicate that the refrigerator is in Self Diagnostic mode.

Use the freezer temperature adjustment buttons to enter the test code number in the freezer display.

Use the refrigerator temperature adjustment buttons to enter the test code number in the refrigerator display.

When a test code has been entered, the displays will flash to confirm the test.

Press the HOLD button for 3 seconds to begin the test.

Enter defrost:

Freezer . . . . . Fridge

. . 1. . . . . . . . . . 4

If the cabinet is not cold when executed, this mode may execute extremely fast.

The refrigerator will return to normal operation on its own.

When testing has been completed, do one of the following things:

• Enter code 1 5 to completely reset the system.

• Enter code 1 6 to exit diagnostic mode. The temperature control panel is reset automatically.

• Unplug the refrigerator for at least 10 seconds. Test mode will terminate when the refrigerator is plugged back in.

Test mode will terminate automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

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Source: Freezer check underway for ice build-up -- defrost heater, thermostat


General Appliance


Do you have the other codes to enter to test the thirmistor? ? Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


The diagnostic test for thermistors only checks whether they're open or closed. Thermistors rarely fail that way so this isn't a very useful test. Thermistors usually fail by going out of spec-- reporting an incorrect voltage drop for the actual temperature. This causes the board to make control decisions based on this bad info and so the compartment temperature gets out of whack. 

The best test for thermistors is to measure their resistance (or voltage drop) and compare with specs. 

Be sure to watch this webinar recording  for lots of detailed info on thermistors and other temperature sensing devices: 


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General Appliance


Awsome , great info. Will definitely check that out. Thank you.

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