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Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) and clicking noises in Samsung front load washers

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Samsung front load washers with the Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) feature have...

Two balance rings---one mounted at the front of the stainless steel inner tub and another at the rear.

Inside each balance ring are several steel balls (similar to ball bearings).

Both balance rings are oil-filled.

If the tub is rotated-by-hand and stopped----the steel balls can be heard sliding down the plastic oil-filled ring (sounds like sh-sh-sh-sh).

When the steel balls come together as a pack again---faint sounds of <click-click-click> can be heard.

All of this is normal.

Additionally---during *any* spin cycle---when the tub begins to spin with wet laundry there will be clicking-clacking/spring tensioning sounds/and even in some cases light tub-to-side-panel bumping sounds.

This too is normal.

Once the tub RPM (spin speed) reaches 400 revolutions-per-minute and faster----the VRT system *cancels-out* vibration/shaking for the remainder/entire duration of the spin cycle.

When the spin cycle ends---and the tub speed winds down---there will be a brief period of noise/wobble as the tub approaches the lower RPM range and comes to a complete stop.

All normal.

If the noise that you hear sounds like a loud "CLICK-CLICK-CLICK-CLICK"---there may be a bra wire caight between the inner drum and the outer tub.

If the tub is overloaded with laundry (especially if the clothing was compressed to make room for more laundry in the tub) this will allow for any potential debris/items left in pockets---to find it's way past the rubber door gasket gap and the lip of the stainless steel tub at the door opening.

The large *bubble-shaped* glass on the door is designed to keep items away from the front of the tub/gasket area.

These items will normally wind up in the pump housing strainer---and can be removed.

Other objects---such as small plastic buttons can get past the strainer and jam or damage the pump motor.

The correct maximum loading of the tub---is to fill it completely to the top---without pressing on the laundry for additional capacity to load even more clothing.

In homes where multiple family members do their own laundry---it's wise to let everyone know how much clothing can be put into the drum.

Source: Samsung VRT Washer WF431ABP/XAA - Foreign Object Noise from Drum