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Oven temperature seems off? How are you measuring your oven temperature?

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Oven Temperature Calibration Method (from Whirlpool):

If a consumer complaints about poor baking performances, the first steps to take would be to

make sure the oven temps are calibrated correctly; follow the four coming steps to properly

calibrate the oven:

1. Insert the bulb or (thermocouple) from your thermometer making sure to clip it to the oven

temperature sensor for best result.

2. Turn on the oven and set to 300*F, when you first turn on the oven it will do a 6 minute

pre-heat, once the pre-heat is completed the oven should be at around 260*F. The oven

will continue to heat until the set temperature is reached.

3. Once the set temp is reached the control will shutt off the heating element, after the

heating element shuts off the oven temp will continue to rise for a bit longer. At this time

you need to record the highest temperature in the oven (for this we will use 315*F), once

the oven temps reaches it max it will start to climb down. It will continue to climb down to

more or less 285*F, you need to record this temp as well.

4. At this time you should have two sets of temps (315*F and 285*F), you need to let the

oven cycle 2 more times and record all of the temps to which you should have 6 different

numbers at the end of all cycles.

For example







After obtaining all of the cycled temps you need to add them all up and dived them by 6.

Source: Kenmore Oven Cycling Temps