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Frigidaire French door ice maker thermistor blues.



I have a few problems with the new flex tray ice maker from the Electrolux products. Specifically the thermistors breaking off the bottom of the tray. This can cause many problems with ice production and can also tangle your thermistor in the auger assembly.

If your thermistor has broken off the bottom of the tray here is what you will see when you pull out the bucket.


Changing this ice maker is pretty simple. There are 3 screws holding on the front bezel. A Philips head in the right side of the bezel. Also a Philips head in the bottom left of the bezel (going up). When the screws are removed, slip the bezel down and pull out.


Next remove the wire cover in front of the ice maker. It is held on with one screw.


Then all you have to do is pull the ice maker towards you to remove it from the four holding pins.


Now your almost home free. The only thing left you have to do is cut the 2 zip ties holding the wires to the ice maker housing. Make sure to have short wire cutters or a good set of toe nail clippers for the rear zip ties. There is barely any room to cut the rear tie (that's where the specialty nail cutters come into play)


Then just reverse your steps to re install.

Another note on these model,

These ice rooms are cooled by the sealed system being ran into the ice compartment. There is a separate evaporator fan in the ice room. If you ever have to pull off the ice room evaporator cover to fix a defrost issue or fan problem you always have to replace the seal kit. This seal kit is a great "truck stock" item.

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Good tips, especially replacing the ice room seal.  Thanks, appman97.

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That's some good stuff there, Baby! Oops, I shouted that out too loud.

"No honey.. it's a guy... Yeah she sounds hideous because she's a guy. "

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