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APP link from your mobile device



Do you use appliantology from your smartphone or tablet instead of a desktop. I know I do. Want to post those nifty APP links but don't have the ability from your mobile device? Well here is how you do it.

All you have to do is just type this code in when posting.

[ app ] Your Partnumber [ /app ]

No spaces between any of that.

This all the APP button does on the desktop site. So now your just inputting it manually.

I'm posting this from my tablet

Part number: 341241

Part number: 341241

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or you can just hit menu on your phone and choose "desktop view" on your phone and desktop view on the site then the "APP" button as well as all the other rich text features will appear..... oh wait.. I forgot, you have an iPhone... maybe y'all can do that 4 years from now as it will be touted as a new, amazing apple only feature. Lol.

Just jerkin your chain... great tip even for Android as sometimes the APP box can become obscured by the keypad then you have to rotate your phone to type in the box... using the app command eliminates that. There are many commands you can use such as [bold] (to highlight a word or section) and [size #] (where # is the text size you want). Find them by using the desktop buttons then edit your entry and see the command being used. Even you Iphone people can do that without waiting 4 years!

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