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Part deception



Recently, I needed to put two infinite burner switches in a Frigidaire slide in range. These switches were for the two large burners. Installed them, and did the simple but basic tests. Both burners now working, customer is happy, :blinky: , I'm happy. I collect my beer :pint1: money for the day and off to other adventures.

Customer calls back next day and not so happy. One burner doesn't get hot enough to hardly boil water. Okay I said, see you later today? Yes. Get out to location and here is what I discovered.... see the pictures below.



Did you see it? I almost didn't. Of course the story above is highly plausable but totally fake, because, I saw it before installation of said part. Moral is, always inspect your parts before installing them. One of the switches must have fallen off the assembly line and been packaged with the wrong part number... At the Factory!! Say it aint so, a manufacture making a part mistake?!!? :woot::woot:




Great job and excellent reminder! I guess we all have to remember , to the low paid packager... parts is parts:

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Good catch! I all the OEMs are getting slopidaisical in their packaging. Thanks for the reminder!

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Must have been an issue at the factory! I have 4 switches with the same part number that are different like too. Same exact ones!!!

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Good catch Drew.  As usual you have to do not only your job but everyone else's as well.

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