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acfixerdude's Blog

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Old writing class paper/story



It was during the first break of day in the middle of a heat wave when we first received the call. A villager had requested assistance with a situation he could no longer contain. He and his family had been attacked by a once well behaved friend taking residence inside their home. This well-behaved friend had turned into a villainous foe, terrorizing the family by destroying their stockpiles of sustenance when least expected, an action which severely disrupted the family’s daily routine. They called upon us to fend off this rebellious foe and to restore civility back into their home.

So with a brave heart I prepared for impending battle. With my heavy weapons strapped to my side and only experience to guide me, I journeyed to the residence in need. When I arrived I was greeted by the saddened man and his family, begging me to tame the beast that ailed them. As I stepped into the arena of battle a sinister smell caught me off guard. The smell of burning copper singed my nostrils as I made my way towards the beast’s lair. It seemed to be annoyed by my presence and howled in anger. A great battle emerged as the two newly made arch-enemies began their attacks. Though the beast was a respectable foe, I took swift, fearless action and it was quickly and easily defeated. I had tamed the beast back into a domesticated pet, doing only as it was originally intended to do.

In order to prevent such rebellion and travesty in the future, I trained the villager on how to properly discipline and care for the now domesticated beast. I left him with the knowledge and the proper tools to keep his family’s stockpiles of food from ever being destroyed again. The villager and his family were eternally grateful and he practically offered his oldest daughter’s hand in marriage as a token of appreciation. As I left his home victorious, I only hoped he’d pay heed to my instructions.

Was this some sort of animal you ask? I would only tend to describe it as an animal when misbehaving, but no, it was not. Everybody has one of these often friendly devices and the same thing can happen to you and your family if you fail to take notice and learn the necessary information that this young villager learned the hard way. In fact, there are many friendly devices in your home that require tender loving care every so often. If left unattended to for too long it is very possible that they will turn on you and the situation can get very ugly; even uglier than the story I just told you.

So what was it living in this nice family’s home that turned so villainous and destroyed all of their food? It was that which was originally supposed to keep their food safe from spoilage, insects and other hungry animals; their refrigerator. If you’re not careful, it may happen to you too.


So, if your usually domesticated appliances start giving you a fuss and you happen to live in or near the village of Lubbock, TX - head no other place than to and summon the brave knight to bring your appliances back to order. If you're elsewhere, go to and The Alliance of Appliantology may be able to help you to kick swift appliance butt!

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Man, that's awesome! That perfectly fits the kind of scenario I was thinking of as well with the alliance! I guess more than one of us view fixing appliances as kind of a battle with a monster in our minds, eh? :D

I would definitely be willing to illustrate this if you don't mind me not being very good at stuff... Action poses, drawing the same character more than once, ect, have always been difficult for me, but I do need the practice!

Maybe I could start with drawing you as one of the alliance? You'd have to give me an animal, a tool, and a weapon. Or I could make them up myself. Your choice :)

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Thanks Smashy! Maybe a bear? With a Dewalt impact driver and a battle hammer.

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Haha cool. I'm already a grizzly bear, so I'll have to pick a different kind of bear for you... for variation, you know. :) But cool on the bear choice. Bears are best.


I guess with the weapon the "head" of the hammer could be the driver? Heh... neat. I'll draw it out as soon as I can. May take a while, but we'll see. :)

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Salem Appliance


Really Son?

I think it is time for you to find a girl friend.

Love Dad.

Salem Appliance Repair

Salem Oregon.

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