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LG WM2277H washer takes longer to complete cycle than is displayed

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


<<<THE WASHER continously spins 57 min on display actual time to finish cycle 1hr 20 min. Takes longer then it should to finish what should I look for as the cause>>>


The CYCLE RUN TIME displays "57" minutes but the actual duration of the cycle is 1 hour 20 minutes?

Caused by incorrect type of detergent (non-HE) or too much of the correct detergent (HE type).

The correct amount of HE detergent to be used (disregard the detergent instructions *entirely*).

HE : (2) Tablespoons Per Wash

HE 2X: (1) Tablespoon

HE 3X: (1) Teaspoon

Tell your customer that LG /Samsung / Electrolux are paddling a canoe up-river trying to get the message out that the detergent instructions are erroneous---by a mile.

Using too much "HE" detergent (or any amount of non-HE) will cause the software/computer to enter SUDS KILL/REMOVAL MODE.

Most customers will only know of this when they see the TIME REMAINING at say---34 minutes.

Then they leave the laundry room to get the mail / briefly chat with the neighbor / pour a cup of coffee and re-enter the laundry room---and see that the TIME REMAINING still shows 34 minutes remaining.

This occurs when the SUDS KILL MODE has been activated due to suds detected in the wash cycle during the RINSE portion of the cycle.

Eventually the SUDS KILL MODE defaults and the TIME REMAINING display resumes counting down again.


Add TIDE WASHING MACHINE CLEANER to the washer (no laundry) and run a TUB CLEAN CYCLE. This will remove SOAP SCUM/CURD from the tub. This should be done at least every 4 months to also keep MUSTY ODOR from occurring as well.

Similar to adopting a new religion---use the CORRECT amount of HE detergent---religiously.


<<<also threw a code UE which means out of balence>>>


The SERIAL NUMBER would help with this.

Older WM2277 washers used a BALL SENSOR. This sensor was prone to triggering an IMBALANCED LOAD ERROR (UE) with a hair-trigger sensitivity. Especially on WOOD FLOORING.

If this washer is one the newer WM2277 models---add a single towel to the tub. Close door. Press POWER button. Press SPIN SPEED button to select fastest spin speed setting. Press START button.

Wait until 9 minutes remaining is displayed (tub begins higher RPM spin speed).

Place fingers at the edge of both front leveling legs/feet and feel which of the legs/feet is beginning to lift off the floor (up & down motion).

Use the WRENCHETTE provided with all LG washers to adjust the appropriate leg until up/down motion/noise is minimized/stopped.

Lock the leveling legs to prevent them from becoming misadjusted later.

You can buy parts for your LG washer here.

Source: LG WM2277H washer takes longer to complete cycle than is displayed