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      Webinar Recordings Index Page   07/27/2017

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[Webinar] Open Q&A


Tech Training
Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Event details


  • Professional Appliantologists, Senior Appliantology Fellows, and Legacy Tech members at Appliantology 
  • Master Samurai Tech Academy students enrolled in any technical course
  • Mr. Appliance® Academy students enrolled in Bundle 1

What:  Open Q&A - This Office Hours is Open Q&A which means bring me your questions about:

  • Your coursework at the Master Samurai Tech Academy
  • A tricky tech sheet or schematic you’d like some help with
  • Questions about a particular technology used in appliances
  • Other bidness or technical questions

If you have a specific technical topic you'd like us to talk about, send it in NOW so I can pull together any schematics or tech info for us to look at together. You can either post it as a comment below or use the Contact Form. If you wait until the day of the webinar, I may not have time to pull stuff together for it.

When: Monday, August 21, 2017, at 7PM Eastern Time (adjust your time zone accordingly)

Where: All of our web meetings are powered by Join.me. For the connection details, see below.

  • Professional Appliantologists, and Legacy Techs- HEADS UP:  Request an invitation by 6:30PM on the webinar date or else nolo contendre, compadre!
  • Master Samurai Tech Academy Students: RSVP here.
  • Mr. Appliance® Academy Bundle 1 Students: RSVP here

How: Here are three tips to ensure that the webinars are a smooth, cool experience for you:

  1. Arrive early to make sure your connection is working! Also, if you show up late for the webinar, you'll be lost.
  2. Enter your name at the "knock to enter" window on the meeting page- if you leave it blank, you won't be able to enter.
  3. Watch this ultra-short video on how to use your Join.me control console.




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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


I've had a request to talk about split phase compressor PTC start devices so I'll have some information to share about those.

Any other topics or questions, post 'em here! 

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Hi Scott. I would love If you can go over a mechanical timer schematic , where i still fumble around ,like one i was looking today # HTWP1000M0WW PUB NO.31-16639. a simple HOTPOINT top load washer not spinning just the pump was running i had such a hard time figuring out which wire going to the motor should send voltage signal to motor .i might sound stupid but i get lost looking at the timer chart and picturing which one is fixed ,cam, switches, maybe if you can show a cut view of a timer and relating all three ,timer, timing chart , schematic. 

I feel way more confident looking at a digital schematic 


Thanks Abe 

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


I think we'll have time to go over the schematic and timer chart- this one is very simple so it shouldn't take long.

Mechanical timers are troubleshot electrically so the timer chart and schematic are all you need to determine if the timer is faulty. If it is, you replace the timer as a complete part. Since you're not repairing specific switch contacts or cams inside the timer, there's no diagnostically useful point in going over cutaway views. It may be a a nice curiosity thing but I don't have such an image. 

If you're going to work on simple, low-end top loaders like this machine, the key to making money is to diagnose it quickly and accurately without over-thinking it. Get in, troubleshoot, quote the job rate, implement the repair, and get out. 

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David C

Posted (edited)

Would it be possible to go over testing UI interface Matrix with a meter on an older Whirlpool type dishwasher. I have been unsuccessful at testing this myself. I'm amazed that I have replaced several of these lately that people have preferred to fix than purchase a new dishwasher.

Edited by David C

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


We're already going to have almost an hour on PTC start devices plus some time for the schematic that Abe suggested. Could be a long night with this one, too. Might be better to save this one for next time.  

I can tell you that on some of these models, there's a keyboard matrix on the tech sheet that you can use. On other models, the tech sheet instead lists a test where you disconnect the touchpanel connector and reapply power. 

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Posted the webinar recording for this Office Hours. Topics we talked about:

- Unpacking that term “split phase”
- How split phase motors work
- Unpacking that term “PTC” 
- How PTC thermistors work as start devices for split phase motors
- PTC thermistors vs. relays as start devices for split phase motors
- Comparing PTC thermistors to NTC thermistors: properties and applications
- PTC thermistors specifications
- Truck stock strategies for replacing failed PTC start devices
- PTC start devices, start relays, and AFCI nuisance trip issues



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