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[Webinar] Basic Refrigeration Sealed System Thermodynamics


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Samurai Appliance Repair Man

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  • Professional Appliantologists, Senior Appliantology Fellows, and Legacy Tech members at Appliantology
  • Master Samurai Tech Academy students enrolled in the Refrigerator Repair course
  • Mr. Appliance® Academy students enrolled in Bundle 1

What: Basic Refrigeration System Thermodynamics

We're venturing down the rabbit hole- this webinar is the first part in a multi-part webinar series on understanding how the sealed system in a refrigerator works. In this first session, we're going to be laying foundational concepts that will be used in subsequent webinars. So if you miss this one, you'll be lost in the later sessions. 

In this first part, we're going to discuss and understand:

  • Pressure and vacuum units of measurement
  • Energy and work: BTU vs. BTUH
  • Latent and sensible heats
  • Saturation temperature
  • Boiling point and phase change
  • Enthalpy
  • The Pressure-Enthalpy (P-H) diagram 
  • Using the P-H diagram to analyze an ideal refrigeration cycle
  • Refrigerant pressure-temperature saturation tables
  • Superheat and subcooling

We'll also look at pressures, superheats, and subcooling at various points around a real-world R134a refrigeration system and plot these on a P-H diagram. You'll need a set of R134a P-T tables or the Danfoss app.

When: Monday, October 2, 2017, at 7PM Eastern Time SHARP (adjust your time zone accordingly). 

Where: All of our web meetings are powered by Join.me. For the connection details, see below.

  • Master Samurai Tech Academy Students: RSVP here.
  • Mr. Appliance® Academy Bundle 1 Students: RSVP here
  • Professional Appliantologists, Senior Appliantology Fellows, and Legacy Techs: fill out the form below to request connection details:

How: Here are three tips to ensure that the webinars are a smooth, cool experience for you:

  1. Arrive early to make sure your connection is working! Also, if you show up late for the webinar, you'll be lost.
  2. Enter your name at the "knock to enter" window on the meeting page- if you leave it blank, you won't be able to enter.
  3. Watch this ultra-short video on how to use your Join.me control console.




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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


I uploaded the homework assignment that we talked about last night. It's available in the Downloads section: 


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