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  3. this is what you will have to do, maytag from 1997 on back is good,old whirlpool direct drives are good also , i'm having lots of trouble getting speed queen in , the order i am waiting on now was made 1/8/21 . i have 25 people that have put deposits down and waiting in line for a washer, and it could take months to get them taken care of. maybe things will start moving quicker when they quit paying people to stay home ! good luck !
  4. BTW you can get these washers on sale for $400-$500. You get what you pay for…
  5. Crap washers. Never use regular setting. Use heavy duty or deep fill. But they still suck. Good luck finding an avocado one… 😂
  6. OK, so I bought my house in 2014. It came with a new Amana NTW4600YQ washer. My first issue is it doesn't get clothes clean. Never has, not from the first wash when it was brand new. I've resorted to putting clothes in, running the washer for a few minutes, then stopping it and letting the clothes soak for a couple of days. I also put those plastic washer balls in there too. The results are better, but still not satisfactory. The second issue is I put the detergent in the washer while it is filling, let it fill, mix the detergent and water up, then put the clothes in. Hal 2000
  7. What would be causing the new switch to burn out?
  8. I'm tagging @David Jero I think he used to deal with GE before, and may be able to shed some light on those codes.
  9. Yesterday
  10. guess imma schedule a ge tech to come out as these codes are hard to come by thanks for the assist tho.
  11. Diagram only shows two wire to lid lock white and black/red
  12. Uses the same tech sheet as this one: For Parts List: Go to servicematters Limited Access. https://servicematters.com/en_US Put your model number in where it says part number and then click on Parts List and download it.
  13. Well this is a head scratcher! The washer would keep spinning even if the door is open, and also washes with the door open. Naturally, I examined the lid switch and it was broken in places. I replaced it with a new one that has 4 terminals on it, the schematic shows 2 tan and black wires along with a white and white red wire. The two black and tan wires are not there, whats going on here? The lid switch locked during spin the first time but doesn't anymore., and it still washes with the door open. Do you think the motor and switch are bad, or are those two wires cut and would those two w
  14. Captain Dunsel

    GSS23GSKPCSS Manual needed

    Uploading mini manual for this one and waiting on approval: I see no exact service manual for this one!
  15. Hello, I see a few manuals for models that are close to this but none matching exactly. Someone stole the service manual off the refrigerator. thanks!
  16. Say you're working on the cooktop of a Frigidaire gas range, and after chasing some wires, you find that this component is in the circuit, right after the power comes in from the outlet: The label calls it a "signal transformer", but what is the point of this device, exactly? Well, as with most circuit mysteries, the schematic will give us some more insight... How odd -- a transformer that, seemingly, doesn't do anything. You have 120 VAC going to the primary, and 120 VAC coming out of the secondary. No stepping up or stepping down of any kind. Why is this component even
  17. Hi I'm trying to figure out how to get to the main board on this cooktop there was a power glitch and there's no lights or anything on the cooktop I'm assuming it's the power board do I have to pull it out of the counter and flip it over to do this repair. thank you
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  19. Frigidaire FPDS3085KFE Range Wiring Diagram View File Wiring diagram 318550122 for FPDS3085KFE Submitter Vance R Submitted 06/10/2021 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  20. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Wiring diagram 318550122 for FPDS3085KFE
  21. Captain Dunsel


    @Flateline I think this was it:
  22. Uses this tech sheet: Similar to this service manual:
  23. Wolf MDD Microwave Drawer Service Manual View File Not sure if this has already been uploaded, I couldn't find it by searching by an example model number of MDD24TE/S/TH or by searching MDD* Wolf Service Manual for Sharp-built drawer microwave Submitter Rhubarb Tau Submitted 06/10/2021 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  24. so new codes from the service diagnostic menu 0506 0203 3000 temp in the fresh food section some times goes to 8 degrees i think 203 is 5 consecutive extended ff defrosts. the rest i cant figure out
  25. In need of their service manual for this following dryer “WED6400SW1”
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