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  5. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    No-parts field repairs on two dryers with failed timers

    Yes! You have snatched the pebble— that’s exactly what I’m showing. These are real-world skills with real-world results. No more of that awful sinking feeling, muttering to yourself, “what the heck is going on with this circuit.” No more schematics looking like spaghetti but instead seeing them as the indispensable troubleshooting tool that they are.
  6. lthodo

    No-parts field repairs on two dryers with failed timers

    I enjoyed those two videos. They certainly put into practice the logical troubleshoot sequence taught in the fundamentals course.
  7. Thanks Darren, There is a mounting frame installed on top of the oven and the microwave is mounted to it. Very difficult to reach the screws.
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  9. Insane! We're opening it up today - my hope is that it is intact and just came loose.... but man, highway robbery!
  10. Not a whole lot cheaper and you’ll need adhesive. Part number: DC97-07618A
  11. Vince Neibert

    Whirlpool refrigerator tech sheet needed

    You are on the ball my friend! Thanks for the super fast response time. @Son of Samurai
  12. Whirlpool WRF535SWBW00 Refrigerator Tech Sheet View File PUB W10517966A Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 02/15/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  13. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    PUB W10517966A
  14. Son of Samurai

    Kitchenaid refrigerator Service manual

    That's the same model number -- it's still doesn't pull up anything on Service Matters or Repair Clinic.
  15. Found tech sheet# on Sears site. W10517966N Thanks
  16. Everything I've read indicates that Samsung ONLY sells these felt seals attached to new drums - so what could be a $30 repair is a $200+ repair. Does anyone have experience with an alternative method of solving this? The dryer is 2.5 years old and has already needed a drum motor replacement and now this. Lowes won't stand behind it, nor will Samsung.
  17. darren412

    How to Troubleshoot the New Inverter Compressor Refrigerators

    Your absolutely correct in not being intimidated by it Samurai. I have run into two f28 whirlpool frontloads in the last two years and applied the technics you mentioned from one of your posts I checked out a while back on F28 errors. One washer I was nervous about diagnosing it when I got their and dont you know the guy was behind me watching every move I made on top of that. Needless to say I stayed calm and took notes from your post on the spec readings and had them handy. I diagnosed a bad tachometer for the motor. I replaced the motor and the repair was completed. The second washer I diagnosed the main control on top was bad. I was not getting the 5 volts dc (VCC) coming from the main board up top. I had My 120V coming into the motor control at the MS2 connection The only thing I struggled with at first was not knowing which two of the 3 wires on that MI3 blue wire harness connection, that I was supposed to be getting my measurment from. The newer schematics including the one for this washer does not have an indication on which line was the VCC line. the schematics are not clear which line is the 5 volt dc (vcc) input. It just shows three wires connected to the CCU. Older front load whirlpool washer schematics show wich one is the VCC and Neutral line for getting the measurements. I think if I remember correctly it was the MI3 #2 and #3 pin connections. Its crazy I dont remember but I always say to myself I will just research it again if another one pops up. Either way I followed your directions to a T and solved both washer issues.
  18. Yes I'm with you and Quick ed. I would have to say i'm at about 80% + on my first call completes . About 85% + needed parts and About 85% + of the time I had the part needed on the truck before the repair. I wont do sealed system work like installing compressors, evaporators and filter driers either that sort of repair on refrigerators. which would also lower my FCC's I believe in some way. It's not really worth it to me. I get more calls done and less agrevation. Less chance of damage to flooring and my back. There are local repair guys near me who gerry rig shit and dont research or use the proper substituted parts in their calls. I refuse to do that. I get their call backs 6 months to a year with their refrigerator work and the majority of the time the customer has thought the first repair done by them was fine and ok and their just looking to get the appliance looked at again. The local guy I use happens to have several ware houses in a couple of different states and he has 2 stores with in a half hour from me going north and south. If I get a call later in the day and as long as its before 3:30 pm , I will look up the model and get what ever part I think I may use and its on my front porch that night. The manager drives past my house on his way home and drops the stuff off. Its quite a fortunate benefit . He rivals with the other store they own near me on the south side. It works out great for me. If I go through Marcone and its in their Albany warehouse as long as I call it in by 4:00 pm , It gets delivered to my door by fedex for $10.99 by 9:00 am the next day. Thats another subject. Shipping and parts costs have gone up 4% this year thus tightening up the noose around our neck at our costs so they can fill the greedy needs of their coffers. They suck. They are killing us on trying to make a run a successful and profitable business. I'm kinda pissed when I do have to return to a call unless its at the local hardware store or homedepot for something simple I need to complete the call before the next one. I do a flat rated cost service and I am a single owned proprietor type business , it's a bit easier for me to put pride and customer satisfaction into each call with my situation. I'm totally sure it must be much more difficult with someone who is trying to manage 2 to 3 trucks and 2-3 employees and also try to manage pride , customer satisfaction , and FCC's . Kudos to the guys that do that. Devotion and ambition is at the top of their list , I would say. Me I would probably have a melt down I do my best to do as much research as possible before each call. I get the serial and model # of every appliance prior to every call . I try to have all the common mid to low cost parts I think I may need for every repair call. Whats not used or I don't want to put in my truck stock, I will just return for a credit with my local parts distributor. No shipping costs involved or any real traveling costs involved in the returns because I am at my local distributors warehouse 1 or twice a week at times, so its convenient for returning parts not needed. With all that said and being in the situation I have, I would have to say that is why i'm at or very close to the percentages I mentioned.
  19. darren412

    Electrical issues in the house

    I'm not a licensed electrician but I can throw some suggestions at you from my research if it helps. this type of question is not really an appliance repair question . its more like a licensed electrician question. So it may not really yield many answers on this site because of that. The issue your having alot of times , can be caused by a reduction in voltage from a large load being introduced into the electrical system. From what I have heard and read, it is common in older homes since the appliances we have today in our electrical system were not considered back then. Sometimes an older fridge with a tired compressor that kicks on and off from normal cycling would dim the lights every time because it is starting to draw more amperage.. Or any appliance you may have that draws or is starting to draw a lot of amperage through your electrical system to start up. Depending on the specs of your fridge and how well it is staying insulated with the desired interior cabinet temperature selected, the refrigerator would cycle on and off for the defrosting and cooling portion of your fridge. Commonly every 8, to 12 hrs (but varies with different models and how old and efficient it is) sometimes an older refrigerator in the basement additional to the refrigerator in the kitchen can cause this because you are not really aware everytime the basement refridgerator is cycling on and off and being introduced into your electrical system. Then when it does all of a sudden you see the lights dim and you are wondeing where that came from. With out knowing or having the knowledge of how your new electrical system was done or should have been done its difficult really for any one to actually know what the problem is you are having. Not that the electrician you had before is not qualified enough to do your work or answer your questions properly but I suggest you have an independant opinion from another licensed electrician. Sometimes a different set of minds can catch something that the original electrician may have just missed even though he may have done it several times in his career. Honest mistakes or oversites can happen in the service industry. You may just find out that you have to add circuits or do a little more updating into your electrical system. FYI this is Important !!! Do not let this go idoly by and procrastinate on getting this issue resolved. ASAP !!! get it looked at by another qualified , licensed, electrician. A situation such as this ,that your experiencing is something you need looked at ASAP for safety reasons and insurance reasons. The safety of the occupants of your home takes presidence over everything along with making sure your covered , should an electrical fire hazard occur. I hope this may have been some help to you. Good luck alright
  20. So a while back I had 220v installed in my house, a few months later or so I noticed one of the bedroom lights would flicker along with the bathroom lights. This never ever happen before, so I called a licensed electrician back out and after waiting on him he finally came back ( third time now, unrelated problems before ) and he said he saw nothing but he did tighten up all the connections. Ok so the problem went away for about two weeks, then it resurfaced. And I found this out yesterday, while the curling iron was plugged in, the lights in the bathroom would flicker until the iron was unplugged. I didn't understand why this was happening? Do you guys have any idea why this is happening?
  21. Today... 1976 Hotpoint/GE dryer with a broken belt (WE12X49) and worn rear drum sleeve bearing. *In stock...done.* Another service call for a 2005 LG front load washer WM2277HB...needs Main Board. NLA. Percentage of first call completes can vary wildly...depending on what you service. The more brands and types of appliances serviced...the more challenging it gets.
  22. samedayapprepair

    Kitchenaid refrigerator Service manual

    Model # KSS042QTX00
  23. Son of Samurai

    Kitchenaid refrigerator Service manual

    Copy/paste that model number into Repair Clinic. What do you see?
  24. Son of Samurai

    Kitchenaid refrigerator Service manual

    As we said in our response to your previous topic in this forum, you must include the model and type of appliance in your topic title, as per the new guidelines. I have corrected your topic title this time, but please follow the forum rules moving forward.
  25. hello, We are working on a kitchen aid refrigerator and looking for a service. Model # KSS042QTX22 Serial # QU4152056 Thank you
  26. I complete 80% of calls with one visit. We call it first call complete. Of those complete calls a part or parts are need about 75% of the time. May I ask why you ask?
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