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  2. Thank you again. So I'd assume that the Sears guy will show up with an icemaker, since I would hope they know how straightforward they are. At least I hope they bring one with them, after three weeks wait.
  3. vee8power

    Frigidaire Model FFET1222QW fridge

    You'll end up replacing the control in the fridge too .
  4. I had one do this years back and it was one of the control boards on the top, sticky relay.

    Frigidaire Model FFET1222QW fridge

    part number 5304519506 use that part 5304519506 , not the ones off ebay or amazon... it never ends well trying to save a few bucks on a part. Faster airflow over the evap can cause havoc, and or leaks on some already cheap metal. Did you make sure you have voltage to the fan motor?
  6. certified tech group 51

    Looking for advice: Stock of appliance repair parts

    go to My Part Shelf . com........ A cloud warehouse of Appliance and H.V..A.C. parts.....Start there....Some one will want a parts list of what ya got, best start writing........ No body following in the fathers footsteps???.................................Sorry for your loss....
  7. Remove the ice maker and melt out any ice in the mold. Reinstall ice maker and initiate a harvest cycle. The rotating fingers need to be pulled in a clockwise direction. YouTube probably has a demo available. Let the ice make cycle and fill, watch for leaks. Let us know where the leak is located.
  8. No, that tube seems to flow freely. The ice builds up in the space between the icemaker and the metal shroud around the auger motor.
  9. fillthebarman

    Fisher Paykel Washer Manual

    Thanks Son of Samurai!
  10. Yesterday
  11. MrApplianceMatt

    LG Washer WM2277HW drum clicking sound?

    LG refers to this as the washer spinner support. It's colloquially known as a spider. This is what the rotor bolts on to. You can't see it very well in the parts diagram but it's K115 and it bolts to the back of the spin basket, passes through the tub seal, bearing, and tub where the rotor can be installed. https://www.searspartsdirect.com/product/4aolue0k2k-0026-795/id-4434er0002a The dampers are a symptom of a problem. If there is lateral play between the tub and the basket then either the bearing is shot or the spinner support is cracked. This will cause excessive vibration prematurely wearing out the dampers.
  12. It sounds like you have a leak in the tube(s) that deliver water to the ice maker. The leak is probably in the joint where the quarter inch tubing that runs up the outside back of the unit screws into the bigger tube that enters the back of the freezer into the ice maker. Is the tube inside the freezer getting clogged with ice?
  13. Son of Samurai

    Wall Oven Wiring Fail

    Not exactly sure how that's related to the bad oven installation, but this is exactly the kind of troubleshooting magic that we teach in the Fundamentals course over at the Master Samurai Tech Academy! If you want to learn how to never get stumped on a job again, this is the course for you. Click below to check it out: https://mastersamuraitech.com/appliance-repair-courses/fundamentals-training/
  14. Wendell B

    GE Fridge Wiring Diagram

    Thank you for sharing so quickly!
  15. No. Icemaker diagnostics on the LG refrigerators (especially the in-door type) are fairly straightforward. They will either not cycle at all (test mode) or jam.
  16. I have a 15 something year old Kenmore 253.5569340N refrigerator that is leaking water from the ice maker. It builds up on top of the motor area and also flows onto the top glass shelf and anything stored there. I replaced the water valve this morning and it is still doing it. I did not see a leak in the icemaker when I had it out previously. Where should I check for the leak? I hate throwing money at a 15 year old fridge, but new ones are stupid expensive. Thanks!
  17. Captain Dunsel

    GE DW Manual Request

    Uses this service manual. This mini manual.
  18. Requesting a manual and/or wiring diagram on this dishwasher. I've not gone out on this yet, customer is saying they're getting a code 815 - which is probably E15. Thankyou.
  19. This would be the fast track: Service manual:
  20. Son of Samurai

    GE Fridge Wiring Diagram

    Approved -- Thanks @EthanRanft!
  21. GE GTS18CCSFRBB Refrigerator Mini Manual View File PUB 31-51792 Submitter EthanRanft Submitted 12/06/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  22. EthanRanft

    GE Fridge Wiring Diagram

    Uploaded and awaiting approval:
  23. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    PUB 31-51792
  24. Brcobrem

    LG Washer WM2277HW drum clicking sound?

    Hi MrApplianceMatt, Thank you very much for your diagnosis. You mentioned "drum support spider". I can't find any reference to what they are. But . . . I failed to mention that when facing the washer, that sound is coming from the right side of the drum. Read on please : If you look at page 41 ( https://manualsbrain.com/en/manuals/831997/?page=41 ) and 43 ( https://manualsbrain.com/en/manuals/831997/?page=43 ) they show "motor dampers" (p/n K610 and K611). Think they are suspect? (if yes, looks like I'm going to get more experience removing that stator again, ha!) I look forward to your thoughts (and anyone else please chime in if you want to). Regards . . .
  25. Can’t find anything on it. Any assistance will be great. Thanks!
  26. Figured as much, but with it still having movement, hoping there was another "reset" or something. Appreciate the confirmation. Hope Sears shows up with an icemaker, after having to wait over 3 weeks, and doesn't just diagnose it, to have us wait three more weeks.
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