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  3. My KitchenAid dishwasher makes a loud noise as soon as I turn it on and throughout the cycle. W ould this most likely be the circulation pump?
  4. EthanRanft

    GE Refrigerator Manual please

    Uses this mini manual:
  5. Whirlpool Gas Dryer F3E3 Error Code Service Pointer View File PUB W11395626 Rev A Models covered: MGD5630HC0 MGD6630HW0 MGD5630HW0 MGD8630HC0 MGD6630HC0 MGD8630HW0 WGD560LHW0 WGD8620HW0 WGD5620HW0 WGD9620HBK0 WGD6620HC0 WGD9620HC0 WGD6620HW0 WGD9620HW0 WGD8620HC0 Submitter Rhubarb Tau Submitted 01/22/2020 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  6. So you turn it off and it continues to click until it (COOLS OFF) Take your tech sheet and go into service mode. Run all the loads. More so the oven cooling fan or fans. Make sure they are running and running up to speed. You should be able to feel the air move out of the grill somewhere or another. I think you are on the right track thinking sail switch or fan not moving enough air. I've seen those fans run but not run fast enough to move proper air. You got a booger bear. Good luck.
  7. I was able to reprogram the board to a random code and then program it again to the code on the sticker inside the refrigerator (01) however this has not yielded any changes. What else can I do?
  8. Oven works fine other than clicking sound.
  9. I have the tech sheet and I ran diagnostics. No error codes.
  10. Well buddy I've never even worked on this particular oven. If you can locate the tech sheet with it you might want to pull error codes and run the various loads. That's where I would start.
  11. Yes, it just started. From what I have read, relays can click and the sail switch may interfere or may not be properly "blown" by the fan. Surely this must be an issue that others have experienced. I have seen youtube videos of the same issue, just no solution as of yet.
  12. @AWSHandy What you're hearing may be normal? Lot's of switching going on with this oven You got bake and broil elements switching back and forth. Fans changing directions. Lot's going on with this one . How long have you had it? Did it just start doing this?
  13. " oven will not get over 250*"
  14. I have done some reading on this. When the Double Wall oven is set to heat, it clicks constantly until turned off and cools off. It seems it may be relays on the main power board, or sail switches left or right. I have not taken it out of the wall or opened to test/observe. I am certain someone here has seen this issue. How to resolve? Any help appreciated.
  15. Son of Samurai

    Range jgsp42set1ss

    Sorry for the delay -- approved that upload. Thanks @Captain Dunsel!
  16. GE JGSP42SET1SS Range Mini Manual View File PUB 31-14857 Submitter Captain Dunsel Submitted 01/21/2020 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  17. Captain Dunsel

    Range jgsp42set1ss

    @mqcmcousin That tech sheet is still on hold!
  18. Captain Dunsel

    Tech Sheet and service manual

    Uses this tech sheet.No service manual comes up at ServiceMatters.
  19. I am needing the tech sheet and manual for a whirlpool commercial washer model number cam2762tq2
  20. That’s why you check it on a website like RepairClinic: If it isn’t a valid model number, there’s no way for anyone to find a service manual/tech sheet for it. That being said, it looks like another Canadian model or something that we may not have access to anything
  21. Budget Appliance Repair

    Whirlpool Washer GSX9750PW1--Removing Agitator CAM

    The inner barrier cap on both should be the same, they both use the same gasket. The Kenmore one doesn't list just the barrier cap, it comes as a kit with fabric softener dispenser. To get the auger and dogs off the agitator, put the agitator on the floor and stand on both sides and yank up really hard on the auger and the cam and dogs should pop loose. EDITED: the above won't work on this one - they are put together in a way that makes them much harder to get the cam to pop loose. They have four tabs that are kind of melted to the cam, unlike the Kenmore one that only have two press fitted tabs. Usually have to use a razor knife and cut parts of the melted tabs off and pry the holes open a little with a thin straight screwdriver then once the tabs melted edges are remove yank hard on the auger while holding the agitator down with your feet. Or the easier way, just swap the complete agitator and auger assembly from the Kenmore with all the good parts into the Whirlpool. As long as the fabric softener dispenser doesn't hit the washer lid you should be OK.
  22. Silver Bullet

    Frigidaire double wall oven Model# FGET3045KFA

    I checked that and it appears to be good. Are you saying even though the light comes on when you open the door and off when its shut, are you saying it could still be in the wiring?
  23. I need the service manual,i dont now if the model number is right.
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