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  3. I think there are two different part numbers for this unit depending on serial number.... WP61005651 and 61005438....
  4. If you glued the blue plastic film to the top air duct, (that is NOT the return air duct and not where the flap goes). Air comes in at the top from the freezer and circulates thru refrig section and returns to freezer thru the air return duct, (the bottom duct near the crisper drawers which should have the blue plastic flap, to prevent the cold air that drops from migrating over into the refrig and freezing items in the crisper drawers).
  5. Okay, I've removed the attachment size restriction for the Professional Appliantologist group. Let's use it for a bit and see if plays nice on the site. BTW, you can manage all your attachments: Desktop: click your username in the upper RH corner of your screen > My Attachments Phone: hamburger symbol upper RH corner > Account > My Attachments
  6. Looks like that resized correctly. That image is 2.2 mb. I'll look into this further.
  7. The Gallery makes multiple sizes of each uploaded photo. Don't know if image attachments to a post have this functionality. Testing image resizing on attachments...
  8. Been many posts I'd like to have added pics to but didn't because of the size requirements.
  9. I understand the work around, it's just an extra step. Compounding difficulties when working from a smartphone. Craigslist automatically resizes photos, I know the technology exists.
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  11. Thanks - my return air duct, which you call WP61006081, does not look like that, but the blue plastic film actually has holes in it that were attached to the inside of mine. I modified it slightly with a similar plastic film and epoxied it to the inside of the return air duct on the top, so it can "breathe" normally. I will check in a few days if things are still freezing up.
  12. Good call. Topics merged.
  13. I hadn't read back far enough to see that this had been previously posted as: Vote that these posts maybe should be merged?
  14. Just to clarify, when this fault happens, does the ice chute door opens and the ice auger run (just like if you call for ice intentionally)? When did this start, how often does it happen, and how long does the fault continue unless interrupted (opening the FZ door)? Looks like this unit uses a capacitive-touch pad to activate ice dispensing. If that's true, the "buttons" aren't conventional switches and don't require any mechanical force to activate, just a conductive object (a la finger) in close proximity. Can you get the unit to dispense cubes, crushed or water by holding your finger close to, but not quite touching any of these "buttons"? Several manufacturers have run into issues with over-sensitive Q-Touch elements. There's also a factory bulletin for a similar issue, "Unwanted Water Dispensing" which prescribes an add-on filter cap 10000577 to be added to the dispenser ground lead. If EM interference can cause phantom water pad function, it could do the same for the ice pad. 58300000194873.pdf
  15. This one will be close enough for that...
  16. Flickr does this. You can open a free account and then pick the size you want to upload to link to in your post.
  17. I find the extra steps quite annoying. Isn't there software on a website that can automatically resize photos?
  18. until

    It used to bother me when I heard techs say this, now that I have found this site I refer them all here. In my experience, competition has always been a good thing.
  19. until

    That's the sad truth. The sadder truth is that it's not even learning new tricks- it's learning the Fundamentals- the OLD tricks- that they never learned to begin with but were able to get by without it. Samsung appliances work the same way and use the same technology as any other brand. But since their documentation doesn't look like Whirlpool or GE, some guys think they must be from outer space. The guys you describe have that attitude because they are defensive about their low skill level and are intimidated by products that could make them look inept. I'm not singing Samsung's praises as a company or a brand- they have their issues just like any company. But their product quality is as good or better than most of the competing brands in their price point, they're gaining market share, and they're fun to work on. Good products for a tech to know.
  20. could be wrong board in machine, could be factory mess up, still have old boards? compare board side by side see if anything looks different, one key thing is the relays on board, if they are missing or you have to many. Even updated boards do not have extra or missing relays. long shot but worth the look.
  21. until

    boy have they gotten a bad rap from the tech community alone all because they do not know how to work on them. I had a customer yesterday ask me about these Samsungs and stated that both the home depot and the lowes said to stay away from them! Countless techs I talk to say they tell their customers to just go buy another one, over the phone! It`s not hard teaching an old dog new tricks, it`s hard to get a old dog to want to learn new tricks
  22. Seeing that you have completely and thoroughly cleaned all water flow parts and the fact that you have good pressure at bottom leads me to believe something is not put back together correctly. I would disassemble and retry. Sometimes its the simplest of things like the water connection itself, hose restriction or kink. Retrace your steps.
  23. Part number: WP61006081 Thanks Evaappliance!
  24. WP61006081. Also this part needs to be in good shape to keep cold air from the freezer from migrating back to the refrigerator side when it is cycled off
  25. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Troubleshooting Samsung refrigerators, Monday, July 24, 2017 @7PM ET... #appliancerepair

  26. on the contrary the time he spent on the unit it should have been fixed if not the first time most definitely the second and now a third and if it does not work? I`m sorry but time for a new repair guy my friend. In rereading your post you say the door alarm is going off from the ice flapper being open, the door alarm is not connected to the ice flapper door. I would check for voltage from the dispenser power board first and be sure it is getting to the solenoid that opens and closes the flapper, in doing this you are also verifying the micro switch works also. The dispenser power board has relays on them that control this function. the relay for the ice door could be bad if you have no power and you would have to trace down that circuit at that point. If there is power to the solenoid when called for then you I would check the resistance on solenoid to verify it is good at this point you can also visually inspect solenoid shaft for rust(common) and also all other parts for breakage or resistance (spring). Hope this helps and good luck!!!
  27. The Motor died on our Samsung dishwasher 2 yrs old. So I bought a brand new one along with the capacitor and seal ring. while waiting for the part, I took apart all the parts and cleaned and checked for any damage or clogs: Impeller wheel, grinder blade, screens, arms, o-rings, pump assembly. rebuilt when part arrived: cudos to repair clinic for their great videos. Ran great: drain, fill (proper level), motor turns, I get water out of the lower arm but only 3" high, nothing out of the upper arm unless I plug the base and redirect the weak pressure to the lower arm assembly. the RPM sound the same. Cycled several times. same issue. Ideas ?
  28. Yes we did buy the original. Thank you so much for your time and help.
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