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  2. MVrepairs

    Frigidaire Fridge

    Here it is pending authorization.
  3. I need the tech sheet and schematic for this fridge.
  4. Even through these troubled times, our Kendo Master holds fast: @EthanRanft continues to be a constant source of help around the site, and for that, we're all very grateful. He's got another $100 coming his way! Remember: any tech member of the site can become a Kendo Master. At the beginning of each month, we wipe the monthly points leaderboard so that everyone starts on a level playing field. Every time you post a reply to a forum topic or upload a new file to the site, you earn points. Whoever earns the most points by the end of the month wins an Amazon gift card for $100! It's already a new month -- you could be the next Kendo Master!
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  6. Budget Appliance Repair

    How to Measure Voltage Drop Across Thermistors

    @Scottekarate I use this same meter - It's seems to be a pretty good meter but I have found I really don't like the AMP fork design, (forks to fat to fit between tight wire bundles and can't let it hang from the wires like with a clamp), other than that it's a great meter. The only other thing is I seem to always forget to push the function button to change to AC voltage check as it always starts in DC mode when set to voltage test.
  7. Son of Samurai

    GE WHRE5550K2WW Washer Mini Manual

    This is the one according to GE.
  8. GE WHRE5550K2WW Washer Tech Sheet View File PUB 31-16601 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 04/01/2020 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  9. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 31-16601
  10. I believe the PUB number is 31-16570
  11. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    How to Measure Voltage Drop Across Thermistors

    The problem with using LoZ for low voltage DC measurements isn’t whether or not it auto ranges (AC to DC). The problem with using LoZ on low voltage DC circuits is that the input impedance of the meter on the LoZ setting is too low (“LoZ” stands for “low input impedance”). A low input impedance means more amps can go through the meter than the low voltage DC power supply on the board can handle. (The first webinar recording that Sam posted explains all this in detail.) The low input impedance causes the regulated power supply voltage to get “loaded down.”
  12. Son of Samurai

    How to Measure Voltage Drop Across Thermistors

    If you’re measuring an AC circuit and you have a meter with a LoZ function, you should always use LoZ over the non-loading function. It’s the more reliable measurement. If you’re measuring low voltage DC with that meter you mentioned, then you should use the normal V function, since you don’t want to load down the circuit.
  13. Yesterday
  14. 16345Ed

    Kenmore Dryer Humming

    It’s a ball and socket joint. I’ve seen the ball part completely sheared off before.
  15. MVrepairs


    Schematic and tech sheet.
  16. Scottekarate

    How to Measure Voltage Drop Across Thermistors

    I use this meter https://www.harborfreight.com/cm200a-200-a-fork-style-clamp-meter-64016.html LoZ switches between ac and dc would you still recommend using the V function? It's switches automatically too.
  17. MVrepairs

    Bosch D/W

    Thank you.
  18. ifbinary

    Kenmore Dryer Humming

    i've ordered the rear bearing kit, will swap it out and respond back how it goes. thank you all for your help
  19. My main fuse is good and I have power to the unit. What next?
  20. ifbinary

    Kenmore Dryer Humming

    I see what you mean about the holes on the motor mount, just noticed them after you pointed it out, however this unit is all factory from purchasing it 17 years ago and has never been opened up until yesterday (thought it was ten years old but was vastly off lol) . I've added a couple more photo's to that album I shared. I took another listen and the noise is definitely coming from the area I circled, which I assume would point to the rear bearing? I unfortunately dont have a 240 outlet in my garage where i worked on it yesterday and my laundry room is pretty narrow so Its a tad difficult getting decent pictures, and access for listening/troubleshooting behind it while it has power.
  21. Son of Samurai

    Bosch D/W

    Here you go:
  22. Bosch SHXM78Z55N/01 Dishwasher Schematic and Service Manual View File Schematic PUB 58309001412733 Service Manual PUB 58300000216191 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 03/31/2020 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  23. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Schematic PUB 58309001412733 Service Manual PUB 58300000216191
  24. Quick

    Kenmore Dryer Humming

    @ifbinary I was looking at the picture you provided of the motor and idler. I'm not certain but something doesn't look quite right with the motor mount screws securing the motor mount to the floor? I see two holes that looks like it's possible where the original motor mount screws went? Did someone in the past drill holes and mount the plate to the base using other than the original mounting screws? I'm not sure about that but it caught my attention. Do some more manipulating of the idler and spring. Use your ears. A good trick locating noises at times is using a long screw driver or extension as a stethoscope...
  25. ifbinary

    Kenmore Dryer Humming

    Thanks everyone for your replies. So after removing the back panel I removed the spring so that the motor was not turning the belt and drum, and the noise does go away. Also when i manipulate the metal arm (idler arm?) towards the right (denoted with arrow in picture) when the motor is driving the belt, the noise also goes away. I'm assuming this is loosening the tension? I did look at the blower wheel yesterday when i had the unit taken apart yesterday and it did appear fine to me, no noticable cracks that I could see but can do it again for a closer inspection. Forgive me for lack of correct terminology. For some reason i couldnt add pictures from the URL, so here is a link to a shared album if you dont mind taking a look. https://photos.app.goo.gl/DsPoFsDHrRjebB7t5
  26. michaelbusmc

    Common sense is not so common

    the fridge is too warm he said to the repair tech. dude, just close the door
  27. I need the tech sheet and schematic.
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