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  2. Ok guys. I have pulled the dryer out and disconnected the vent. There is no blockage and a strong flow. Now I don't get any light off of the burner though. I checked the propane tank. It has gas and the valve is full open. I even out some clothes in the machine in case it has a sensor that won't allow the heat to come on if the drum is empty what should I check next
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  4. Well, I got back from my trip yesterday, springs were delivered, so I swapped all 4 out with the new ones this morning. The pads did not even look worn, so i did not swap those out. Two loads this morning, one on medium, second on largest setting and no water on the floor thus far. The bin still seems to lean a bit forward to my taste (so after i put the clothes in I manually pushed it back both times so the water pours well into the tub at least during the initial fill ) Thanks again for all the very helpful comments and guidance ! It is VERY much appreciated !
  5. Base model Whirlpool dryer....Probably as eva sez, something caught in the blower..This is a simple machine..Take it apart, check the blower, in rear bulkhead section,...Top mount lint filter, stuff falls in the lint chute... ( paper clips, pencils drill bits, bra stays, small socks / big socks, thongs ) .When apart, check the belt , idler roller, and the rear support rollers...Repair as need...Whirlpool has a maintenance kit for vac the interior and the vents....reassemble and enjoy your work.....,
  6. Have you checked Inverter Motor Light flashes when it has failed to drain?
  7. Looking for help from the experts here because I am at the end of my rope with this washer. Commercial coin-operated GE washer WMCN2050F0WC will sometimes leave clothes soaking wet at the end of the cycle. It seems that the lighter the load, the more likely it is to be soaking wet at the end ( as a matter of fact, some water would still be sloshing around at the bottom of the wash tub). 1 out of 5 times, approximately, the washer will operate normally and spin everything out dry. It does not matter what type of cycle I select. I have done two things to this washer in my attempts to fix the problem: 1. I have replaced the drive belt, and 2. I have replaced the water pump. Neither one has remedied the problem. Can anyone here offer insight of what the problem might be? What should I try to do next? Thank you!!!
  8. Usually moters don't fail suddenly like that.
  9. If the tub is still turning, something is in the blower, ( I think ) .
  10. My sisters refrigerator. She keeps having issues with the ice production. Starting to think it's the water. Looking for a tech sheet for Frigidaire FFHB2740PSBA.
  11. Click on the part number below. The site has a parts diagram to show you where it is located and a repair video to show you how to change it. Part number: AP2014008
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  13. Your brother's offer is great. But did you go into business to work for someone else or work for you? It's nothing like being Captain of your own ship. As Mel Brooks said and I quote "Its' good to be the King." Hire you a general manager and enjoy life.
  14. Looking for a service manual (already have the tech sheet) for a Frigidaire Ref, FGHB2866PF0. Finding icing in FF box near the Freezer air in and out. Suspect a faulty air damper assy, but a service manual would really help...
  15. 600 manual in system has just about every model except this one Thanks for help
  16. Hi, I hope someone can help give us a starting point to repair our dryer! MEDC200XW0 Maytag Centennial Dryer, 6.5 years old. Yesterday it made a "pop" and then began whirring loudly while it ran. It still dried the clothes, but was quite noisy. A friend said it sounds like a bad tension wheel? But there's no squealing or thumping, which makes us wonder if it's possibly the motor. Here's a short clip of what it sounds like: Any help would be greatly appreciated ten fold!!!
  17. At my business, we're just reduced our store hours by 10 per week to give everyone a better work/life balance. The extra money wasn't improving my quality of life as much as extra time would. My vote would be to make the move! If you don't know what to do with all the free time, you could continue freelancing appliance repair or rebuliding machines in your spare time to supplement the pay.
  18. I need to replace the burner igniter on my GE stove. Is there a tutorial on this site that shows where the igniter is located?
  19. "Doesn't matter what everyone says on the internet!!!!". Note, we're using the Internet here as well. It was really my fault for not checking further before reaching a conclusion. I got the part on ebay and the seller says he will take returns. I haven't tried returning it yet. Paying $200-$300 on RepairClinic or AppliancePartsPros for a board on an old washer doesn't make much sense IMO when you consider: 1) Something else can be causing the failure on the board, and it may damage the new board again soon after I install it. 2) The washer is old and other parts are more likely to start failing 3) My wife doesn't really like this washer 4) A brand new washer, that my wife wants, is about $500 The solders behind the relays look okay. I'm not seeing any blown or missing solders joints. The only thing I've noticed is some browning (a millimeter maybe) going down the trace/circuit out of K1 relay. I do find it odd that the multimeter thinks there's continuity across the K1 relay gate, yet I measure 120 voltage drop across it. Having said that, I agree it's highly likely there some other logic circuit failing on the board but I'm curious with what's going on with this relay. I going to try removing it over the weekend and maybe open it up. It's turning into being more of a side project at this point.
  20. Doesn't matter what everyone says on the internet!!!! F01 is Main CCU error and would usually mean the CCU is bad if it comes up pretty much immediately, not the MCU that you replaced. The MCU is the most common failure of the electronic parts, hopefully you purchased it from the parts site linked to this website, (Appliance Parts Pros) or RepairClinic where you can return the new MCU that you purchased and just be out the shipping charges. As far as board level repair, (we don't really get into that here), but most likely not a problem with the actual relays but more likely logic circuits not turning relays on, (there is no way you will find a schematic of the actual CCU board, so you are on your own as far as figuring that out). The schematic of the CCU that you are working with is of course not a full detailed schematic, just the basic 110VAC and triac circuits to the loads thru the board. Did you check the solder connections on the back side of the board for the relays? I've never seen one of these CCU boards burn the solder connections to the relays but it would be possible.
  21. Good to go. Domo, Brother @ss120396!
  22. Electrolux EI30BM55H OTR Microwave Service Manual View File PUB 5995524393 Submitter ss120396 Submitted 05/27/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  23. Good to go. Domo, Brother @ss120396!
  24. Frigidaire FFTR1222QB0 Refrigerator Tech Sheet View File Top Mount PUB 242301700 Submitter ss120396 Submitted 05/26/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
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