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Featured Free Webinar Recording

In this forum, we'll feature a free webinar recording for anyone to view from our vast repository of appliance repair training webinar recordings that are normally only available to Appliantology premium members. You don't need to be a member at Appliantology or even have an account here to watch the featured webinar recording. We'll post a new webinar recording here each month for your viewing and learning pleasure.

If you're currently a professional appliance repair tech, these webinar recordings will improve your understanding of electric circuits and appliance technology, and up your troubleshooting game. If you're a DIYer or considering getting into the appliance repair trade (great choice!), these webinar recordings will kick your training into high gear.

If you would like a more structured, step-by-step, training experience, enroll today at the Master Samurai Tech Appliance Repair School. One of the benefits of enrolling at Master Samurai Tech is that you get a free 6-month professional membership here at Appliantology which gives you access to all the webinar recordings, the tech forums, and the service manual downloads. If you get certified in our Core Appliance Repair Training Course, you get a free annual professional membership at Appliantology. See details on this page

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