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  2. I have a Samsung WF419AAW/XAA 02 that is speeding up during spin cycle to the point that it sounds like a jet engine about to take off. Regardless of whether the spin is set to low or extra high, it will spin at the correct speed for a time, then near the end of the cycle it will speed up to light speed. When this happens, the timer jumps down anywhere between 5 and 8 minutes. So, for example, if there was 7 minutes left in the cycle, when the washer goes into warp drive the timer will jump down to 2 minutes remaining. This is very strange...something I have never seen before. Anyone have any idea what may be happening here? I can provide any further details required. Thank you!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Need to test all switches on this, top and bottom. the most common thing to go wrong on these is the switch in the motor or your top limit directional switch. Keep testing and you will find it.
  5. Richard Demint

    GFWN1600J0WW pauses, no spin

    looks like t09 is the spin test from what I can tell but if you can not get it into dianostics? Any error codes thrown? any previous work recently? also noticed this: NOTE: Attempting to exit the service test mode by disconnecting the power will result in a locked washer.
  6. herfdog

    GFWN1600J0WW pauses, no spin

    Thanks for the info here, looks different from tech sheet on machine though. Also, I do not see a spin test here, tech sheet shows it at t11. Unfortunately rotating the selector did not change the test.
  7. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Need service manual for whirlpool washer md# LA5460XTW0

    Ancient direct drive top washer- 30 years old! No tech sheet for this but there is a parts manual And here's the Job Aid
  8. Whirlpool LA5460XTW0 Washer Repair Part List View File PUB 3351087 Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 05/25/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  9. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 3351087
  10. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Mechanical Breakdown needed

    This should help, Dave
  11. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Dacor PGR Range Parts Manual

    Version 1.0.0


    Published 2015-03-24
  12. Dacor PGR Range Parts Manual View File Published 2015-03-24 Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 05/25/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  13. I have a Whirlpool GC900PPB6 Trash Compactor that is 14 months old and off warranty. When I push Start button, the ram will lower down to the bottom of the cycle and stop. At this time the compactor makes a metal grinding noise. It will not reverse and move up. I have it torn down and have cycled the ram down several times. I have to manually turn the gear on the bottom to get the ram back up to the top position. I have tested the motor and centrifugal switch with an ohm meter according to the tech sheet found inside the compactor. Can't figure out what is wrong.
  14. Any manuals other than wiring, please. Hopefully someone can help, this was built by Samsung for Electrolux, with a Kenmore logo.😣
  15. This is true. had a shorted sensor shut one down. I would concentrate on the fan issue. Does it get voltage?
  16. Probably done in error but there is No need to start 2 threads for same problem. Maybe you or Admin can delete this one to cut down on confusion link to other thread:
  17. Last week
  18. Wow, this thread has really taken on a life of its own! Its fun to read. I also called customer service for the warranty. They wanted the original receipt, which I didn't have. I did have an email stating the price though. I also expressed disappointment about the lack of refunding tax or shipping, and was told that without a receipt I'll write in what I paid on their form, on the honor system. So I upped the price to what I legitimately paid to cover the total cost. Then I bought a new, smaller one. I haven't used it for a while and will plug it in soon, I hope it works! This being a repair forum and not a refund forum, I'm still always interested if anyone has a deeper explanation of this error and/or how it might be fixed (even if fixing it would not be worth it due to time/money). So I'll always click on replies to this thread in the hopes that someone has a detailed explanation of whats going on in this scenario! One last comment to Calvn, and anyone else who has a similar idea about unplugging it and plugging it back in. I'm no expert here, but my coils never frosted up and I had minimal cooling, if any. No water was condensing, that's for sure. My F0 happened when the compressor got very hot, so if you have the same situation, unplugging it and plugging it back in won't dehumidify anything. -RJ
  19. I just had this same issue with my dehumidifier. Called the support line and they said the buy back letter will arrive after 7 business days. Then it will have instructions on sending the unit back. Of course they will not refund the tax or the shipping cost of the unit which I think is a bit absurd as it seems this is a common issue many people are having. It figures this all happens right after the 1 year warranty expires, seems a bit suspicious. I think I will just buy a new one and save my self the trouble of paying to send this one back. Let me know if anyone finds a quick fix for this F0 fault, my only solution is to keep unplug and replug in every 20-30min.
  20. Richard Demint

    Kitchen Aid fridge KFIV29PCMS03

    on a dual evap unit there is a 3 way valve that needs to be in the home position(open to both evaps) before you can fully pull a vaccum. I always pull from low and high side. Follow these and you will get all moisture out of system and all should be good.
  21. wader072174

    Kitchen Aid fridge KFIV29PCMS03

    Thanks for getting back to me. Yes this is a dual evaporator unit. The unit had been running for around three hours and I have a low side pressure of about 2 psi. And a freezer temp of 13 degrees and dropping very slowly. I completely get what you are saying about exact change. (These aren’t your grandpas compressors anymore.) Hoping I nailed charge based on luck and playing with charge. Won’t be doing this again!
  22. Negative!!!! Maybe on an older fridge but no way on this one. Unplug it immediately! If your very lucky after a week and I mean most likely not, it will drain the oil back to compressor. If that does not work, you may need someone that does sealed system work to repair this. Sorry wish I had better news.
  23. It was a friend's refrigerator who used it as an extra fridge in his garage. We transported the refrigerator from his garage to my house this past weekend. I read online that I could lay it flat if I stood it up an equal amount of time. It was laid flat for the hour it took to get it from his house to mine. I then let it stand up for an entire day before I turned it on. It immediately through a 22e error.
  24. Richard Demint

    GFWN1600J0WW pauses, no spin

    looks like rotating the selector knob changes the test, holding start/pause commences test and power button returns ends that test. The washer control has a service test mode that can be utilized by the service technician in order to test critical components and to access error codes. This test mode will help the service technician to quickly identify failed or improper operation of washer components. Caution: Testing is accomplished through built-in test procedures. Unplugging components for testing can damage component connections. Machine must be in idle mode before entering a test. Idle mode occurs when the washer has completed a cycle. If the cycle is interrupted, the washer will drain water when the power is reapplied. The water must be emptied BEFORE the test mode can be entered. If water remains in the washer, manually drain the washer to empty. A failed water level switch can cause an inability to enter the service test mode. To enter the test mode: To exit the test mode: 1. Begin with the washer in idle mode (all LED's RQWKHGLVSOD\RȺ 2. Press the following key sequence to enter service mode, depending on the model: • Temp -->Delay Wash -->Temp -->Delay Wash • Signal -->Extra Rinse -->Signal -->Delay Rinse • Temp -->Delay Start -->Temp -->Delay Start NOTE: The sequence must be done in order. If there are any other button presses or buttons pressed out of order, the sequence must be started from the beginning. Test t01 will show in the display. 1. Press Power button. NOTE: Attempting to exit the service test mode by disconnecting the power will result in a locked washer. Test Mode Description t01 Model ID 9HUL¿HV RUVHWVRQQHZERDUG WKHSURSHUPRGHO,' t02 Fault Codes Lists up to 10 control-detected problems t03 Software ID 9HUL¿HVXVLQJODWHVW8/FRGH²&RQWURO³Inverter software t04 LED Illumination and Button Test 9HUL¿HVWKDWDOOGLVSOD\VDQGEXWWRQVZRUN t05 Pump Test Operates pump t06 Water level sensor )LOOVWRDOO¿OOOHYHOVWKHQSXPSVRXWZDWHU t07 Thermistor/Heater Test 9HUL¿HVWKDWERWKWKHWKHUPLVWRUDQGKHDWHUZRUN t08 Steam test 9HUL¿HVKRWZDWHUYDOYHZRUNV t09 Spray test 9HUL¿HVFROGZDWHUYDOYHZRUNV t10 Tumble Test 9HUL¿HVZDVKHUWXPEOHV LHZDVKF\FOH t11 Spin Test 9HUL¿HVZDVKHUVSLQV t12 Dispenser Test 9HUL¿HVGLVSHQVHU¿OOZRUNVIRUDOOIRXU¿OOPRGHV t13 EOL Test Performs factory end-of-line test sequence – 60 – Test Mode Press Displays Exit t01 Start/ Pause 'LVSOD\GH¿QHVPRGHOLG $OZD\VGLVSOD\VZKHQFRQWURO board replaced. Proper model must be set when control board replaced. Rotate knob until desired selection is displayed (01-02), then press and hold Start/Pause until beep. Press Power. Returns to t01 t02 Start/ Pause Displays the most recent fault code (E00 = none). Repeat pressing Start/ Pause to display up to previous 10 fault codes. Press and hold Start/ Pause to clear all fault codes. (Will then display E00.) Press Power. Returns to t02 t03 Start/ Pause Displays software revision numbers. Press Start/Pause to alternate between UL (UL code), Cod (Control code), and InV (Inverter software version) Press Power. Returns to t03 t04 Start/ Pause Displays and tests loops on lighting of LEDs and cycle lights. Buttons beep when pressed. Press Power. Returns to t04 t05 Start/ Pause Displays P and operates pump for 60 seconds, then returns to t05. Press Power. Returns to t05 t06 Start/ Pause Water level test. On entry, the control display the water level frequency. Pressing Start/Pause, Fill water from the cold valve to foam level, then SUHVVLQJ6WDUW3DXVH¿OOZDWHUWRPDLQOHYHO3UHVVLQJ6WDUW3DXVHDJDLQ ¿OOZDWHUWRRYHUÀRZOHYHODIWHUUHDFKHGWKHQSXPSVZDWHURXW7KH water frequency always change follow the water change. Press Power. Pump runs. Returns to t06 t07 Start/ Pause Water heater/thermistor test . (Note: Main level switch must be functional.) Fills with water to main level, then operates heater for up to 5 minutes. Displays temperature of water, as heated, in degrees Fahrenheit. After 5 minutes, water pumps out , then returns to t07. Press Power. Pump runs. Returns to t07 t08 Start/ Pause Steam test. 7XUQRQWKHVWHDPZDWHUYDOYHDQG¿OOWKHWXEXQWLOWKH6WHDPOHYHOUHDFK The heater be turned on for a maximum of 1 minutes. The 7SD shall VKRZ´6W(µ:KHQWLPHRXWH[SLUHVWXUQRȺWKHKHDWHUSXPSVRXWZDWHU and returns to t08 Press Power. Pump runs. Returns to t08 t09 Start/ Pause Turn on the Spray water valve and Drain pump at same time, the drum will spin at 92rpm CCW for 3 minutes. The 7SD shall show “SPr”. :KHQWLPHRXWH[SLUHVWXUQRȺWKHVSUD\YDOYHSXPSVRXWZDWHUDQG returns to t09 Press Power. Pump runs. Returns to t09
  25. Richard Demint

    Kitchen Aid fridge KFIV29PCMS03

    Stop! You can not charge these systems by psi. You must weigh in the exact charge. well that is if you do not want to have issues like you are having. Is it a dual evaporator unit? different steps if thats the case. You change out filter drier? When correctly done and after an hour or so the low side should read just about 0psi, Any higher compressor not efficient, if your pulling down to -20 vaccum on your gauges then that would indicate a restriction. Remember the filter drier, if you did replace it which you most definitely should have your capillary may have gotten brazed shut.
  26. whats the background of this unit? meaning is it something you just bought or have been using for years? Sounds like you know how to do your homework so my best suggestion is to find the service manual online and try and go through diagnostics. I have only ever replaced one board on a samsung not a high failure part unless you have got hit with lightning or a power surge. Theory could be ref. fan shorted, throwing everything else out of wack.
  27. I have a Samsung Side by Side that is locked up on a 22e code. It has dual cooling in both the freezer and refrigerator. When I power on the refrigerator it immediately reads 22 E code. The lights are on inside, but nothing happens. I've done my homework, but a 22e code seems to be a simple refrigerator fan issue. However, wouldn't the freezer at least work if it was just the refrigerator fan? Again, the refrigerator is locked up and nothing can be done on the screen. Also, there is a clicking in the freezer door ice dispenser. The clicking sound looks like it's coming from the mechanism that turns the ice in the bin. I called a repairman and he said that both mother boards needed to be replaced at a minimum. He thought it could possibly have even more issues, but since he couldn't even get the refrigerator to do anything, that both motherboards needed to be replaced. Ugh. Thoughts? Thank you so much in advance
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