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      On-demand appliance repair training videos for Professional Appliantologist members Over 30 hours (and growing!) of original, high quality appliance training webinars developed and given by yours truly are at your fingertips, on topics you won't find anywhere else. Fill in those knowledge gaps, strengthen those areas of uncertainty, and boost your skills. Watch on mobile or desktop at your convenience whenever, wherever.  Ultra Short Primer on Basic Electricity, Circuits, Ohm's Law, and Schematic Reading (Length: 1:04:48) Basic Refrigerator Troubleshooting (Length: 1:10:45) Schematic Reading Workshop, 10/2015 (Length 1:19:08) Troubleshooting Strategies for Computer-Controlled Appliances (Length: 48:34) Semiconductors and PN Junctions (Length: 1:04:37) Appliance Temperature Sensing Devices & Technology (Length: 1:27:33) Voltage Measurements, Meters, Ghost Voltages, and Triac-controlled Neutrals (Length: 1:29:32) Troubleshooting with Tech Sheets, Part 1, 4/2016 (Length: 1:09:26) Troubleshooting with Tech Sheets, Part 2, 4/2016 (Length: 1:21:11) Tech Sheet Review, 4/9/2016: Bosch Speed Cooker, Amana Refrigerator, GE Glass Cooktop Range (Length: 1:22:58) Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Switches used in Samsung Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) (Length: 27:07) PWM Computer Cooling Fan in a Whirlpool Refrigerator (Length: 14:53) Understanding AC Split-phase Household Power Supplies (Length: 52:41) Troubleshooting a Samsung Electric Dryer without Disassembly using Live Tests and the Schematic (Length: 22:47) Troubleshooting a Bosch Dishwasher No-Heat Problem using the Schematic and Live Tests (Length: 15:38) Linear Motors and Linear Compressors (Length: 55:54) Bi-directional PSC Drive Motor Systems in Whirlpool VM Washers (Length: 56:52) Appliance Service Call Structure and Troubleshooting Strategies (Length: 1:00:16) The Ten Step Troubleshooting Tango and Workshop Exercises (Length: 1:35:39) Troubleshooting Ten-Step Tango Advanced Workshop (Length: 1:32:06) Ten-Step Tango Troubleshooting Workshop: Refrigerators (Length: 1:35:57) Whirlpool Duet Washer Schematic Analysis & Whirlpool Dryer Moisture Sensor System (Length: 1:03:04) Neutral Vs. Ground, Inverter Microwave, Digital Communications, Loading Down in DC loads, and more! (Length: 1:14:45) Gas Oven Service Call After a Parts Changing Monkey (Length: 36:04) AFCI and GFCI Circuit Protection Technology (Length: 41:26) Troubleshooting Samsung Refrigerators and more (Length: 1:29:58) 3-way Valves and Dual Evaporator Refrigerators (Length: 1:15:45) Split-Phase Compressors and PTC Start Devices (Length: 1:11:57) Gas Dryer Ignition Systems (Length: 53:50) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 1 (Length: 43:07) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 2 (Length: 1:09:09) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 3 (Length: 1:11:56) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 4 (Length: 37:45) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 5 (Length: 16:35) To access these webinars and all the other info-goodies here at Appliantology, become a Professional Appliantologist today. If you need cost-effective, time-flexible, state-of-the-art appliance technical training, check out the Master Samurai Tech Academy.

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  2. I had a 96 Jeep and the oem fuel pump died. Got a Mopar replacement from a Jeep dealer which lasted two days, the replacement for that din't even last one day. The dealer refunded me my purchase price and I put in an Airtex pump, worked for at least 8 years until it moved on to another owner. Had an 87 Astro which gave me fits, would stall on upgrades at slow speeds but immediately restart. Ended up an insert in the tank came loose and was bashing the fuel pump around and causing an intermittent ground, dropped the tank, shoved the insert into it's proper place (must have never been installed correctly from the factory and soldered the joint back up. That ran a few more years until a trans gear (plastic) ate itself and wouldn't upshift, causing an engine overrrev which led to a main bearing failure. Lasted a few weeks with a knock until a rod came through the block. Good luck with yours. I prefer equipment without fuel pumps: motorcycles and my Frazer rototillers.
  3. Service Manual Schematic etc for this unit anyone? DSD26DHWABG
  4. Yes, good point. Bearing was replaced on my machine in 2013 with the extended service agreement rapidly coming to an end. I could not believe it when they shipped the whole tub assembly in a large box. The tech had everything shipped to my house and then he came and replaced it. He told me this was a better bearing then the original and so far it seems to be true as the original lasted only 3 years and the replacement going on 5 years. Thanx for the kudo. I like to tinker and try to fix things. Now I am so flushed with victory, I am thinking of replacing the fuel pump in my truck. The pump itself is working great, it is the back flow preventer leaking by inside the pump assembly causing the fuel rail to lose pressure resulting in hard cold starts. Anyone here fuel pump experts? LOL. Nah, I think I got this one. Cheers.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Maytag LDE712 Won't Stop

  7. thank you for that tip
  8. Does anyone have the service manual and schematics for this whirlpool washer wtw4800bq1. Thank you!
  9. I spend more time studying up on this mess than I do repairing. One big ass learning curve after being out so long. No oilfield work for me until the end of March. So in the mean time. Got some tech literature for this thing Scott? Thanks Quick
  10. Bosch Dryer DR Code

    Thanks for the quick reply.. wtg86401uc/01 sorry for digit miss
  11. Need detailed service manual for whirlpool dryer
  12. Maytag LDE712 Won't Stop

    This is a very different OLD control system on this one. I can't remember working on this style in that old/newer vintage Maytag but in the very old Halo of Heat Maytag's they used a somewhat similar control system. I couldn't find a wiring diagram to go by, If you have the wiring diagram in the console and can scan it and upload to an external site and make a link to it here I can take a look and help out. I think you are going to find you either have a bad "Start/Control Switch" or the "Chime Solenoid". I'm pretty sure on this unit when it gets to the OFF cycle it sends power to the Chime Solenoid to chime and let you know the load is done and it also RESETS the control switch to OFF. Ohm the Chime Solenoid and make sure the coil isn't open - if open then bad coil - Activate coil plunger by hand and see if that turns it off. Even if the coil is good try to activate the plunger by hand and it should reset the control switch to OFF and turn the dryer off until you push the start switch again. I didn't look up the Chime Solenoid but did look up the Start/Control Switch which seems to be no longer available.
  13. Jenn-air gas range sputters on double ring JGS9900BDF

    I would HIGHLY suggest that you unplug the power cord before you do this GAS PURGE!!!!! The Ignitors can spark and ignite the raw gas streaming out!!!!! (The ignitors would be some what away from the gas stream with the burner caps off and probably wouldn't ignite but better to be safe then sorry).
  14. frigid air Freezer LFUH21F7LMO

    Uses this tech sheet As far as service manual look here
  15. Bosch HDI7282U/09 Dual Fuel Range

    The wiring diagram will be of little use in what you are attempting to do. Can't be that many caps on the board and they are cheap, I'd just replace them all. Keep the same capacitance value but feel free to go up in voltage rating (physical size permitting), cheap insurance.
  16. Maytag LDE712 Won't Stop

    I'll bet you have a short to ground somewhere. First place I'd check would be the heating element. Use the wiring diagram to see what is the the circuit which could cause this. Start switch will be very easy to check with a simple ohmmeter.
  17. Great job. No doubt loads of good, used boards available due to bearing failures making these machines uneconomical to repair.
  18. Exactly that. Sarcasm warning, do not follow this instruction: Hold a lit cigarette in your mouth to safely burn off any extra gas.
  19. Requesting service manual/tech sheet please.
  20. Maytag LDE712 Won't Stop

    Well I ordered and installed the new timer and I have having the same issue. Could it be the start switch? Or something else? Looking like I am going to have to scrap it, which is a shame as it seems to still have life left with all of the other essential parts.
  21. Last week
  22. Frigidaire FGGF3032MFG Range Tech Sheet View File PUB 316905081 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 01/22/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  23. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 316905081
  24. The tech sheet for this model is already in the downloads section -- try searching for it. It'll pull up if you replace the first three digits and the period in the model number with an asterisk.
  25. GE Dual Fuel Tech Sheet Please 31-21188

    Looking for a tech sheet please. per my PD site, the document number is 31-21188. Thanks.
  26. Bosch Dryer DR Code

    There should be a slash followed by two more digits at the end of that model number -- either /01 or /07. Unless I know which it is, I can't get the exact right docs for you.
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