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  2. Lighthouse

    KCMC1575BSS1 Microwave/Convection Issue

    Is the convection heater element getting voltage to it? There is a thermal cut out for that element.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Thanks to all for the advice, I replaced the solenoid coils and first load just finished, all seems good! So hopefully it will stay good, thanks again for all of the knowledge. The old coils tested fine so I guess there is a limit to testing,.
  5. Son of Samurai

    GE Washer GTW460ASJ0WW Tub Won't Fill

    Approved that upload. Domo, @Lighthouse!
  6. GE Tub Pressure Chamber Port Flash Service Bulletin View File PUB HL07-17 Models affected: HTW200 GTW460 MTW200 GTW485 GTW220 GTW490 HTW240 GTW680 GTW330 GTW685 Submitter Lighthouse Submitted 06/19/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  7. Lighthouse

    GE Washer GTW460ASJ0WW Tub Won't Fill

    I thought this bulletin HL07-17 was already in downloads but don't see it so I submitted it. Not sure if it is what your dealing with but maybe it will help.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    PUB HL07-17 Models affected: HTW200 GTW460 MTW200 GTW485 GTW220 GTW490 HTW240 GTW680 GTW330 GTW685
  9. evaappliance

    Motor for Maytag A412

  10. Powerpeecee

    Motor for Maytag A412

    Thanks very much. Can't give up on this old beast just yet. I'm stubborn and I refuse to give up on something until I just can't make it go anymore.
  11. My Kitchen Aid microwave/convection oven suddenly stopped heating in convection oven mode. The microwave still works. There's also a grill/roast mode which also still works. In convection mode, it looks like it's working with the turntable turning, the fan running, etc., but it just never heats up. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks!
  12. Look at the front panel at the bottom left corner. There will be a little white square that you can pop off the front panel to observe the gas burner igniting. After 7 to 10 minutrs start observing the gas burner burner through that observation hole and see if the igniter glows on and off again when it wants to cycle and turn the gas flow on for drying purposes. When it’s properly running the igniter will glow red and then after that the gas flow should be introduced in to the burner tube for ignition. You will hear several clicks also during the process. The tip to a bad set of coils can be that you don’t hear any clicking sounds at all during the cycle process. If it does not ignite at this point as it did before and the igniter just keeps glowing then shutting off again and again when you first started the drying cycle process , then most likely you may have a bad set of gas valve coils that are weak. It can be your timer acting up but from your symptoms it sounds like it will be the coils as Evaappliance had mentioned.
  13. Lighthouse

    GE Washer GTW460ASJ0WW Tub Won't Fill

    Some had a bulletin on flashing in the chamber that had to be removed I think this was one of them but not sure since I am not able to look up right now
  14. darren412

    GE Washer GTW460ASJ0WW Tub Won't Fill

    If the problem still occurs , you may want to consider disconnecting the water level switch hose from in the console and blow through that. To make sure there is not an obstruction in the pressure line system. I think but am not totally 100% poditive but that model may also of had an issue with the air chamber for the water level switch getting blocked up. I think there is a service bulletin out on that . Hope this is helpful and your only problem will be that water inlet valve that you suspect.
  15. evaappliance

    Kenmore 461.98475 fridge has ice on rear pipe

    further up that line it will have insulation on it, split that and you should see a bigger line with a very small line attached to it , if the lines have separated get a small bare length of copper wire and wrap it around both lines to hold them together the entire length of the insulation , then wrap and duct tap the insulation back around the lines. if the lines are still together and doing that still , that's where things will get weird !
  16. Budget Appliance Repair

    KitchenAid OTR Microwave KHMC107YBL0

    Thank you, appreciate it.
  17. Lighthouse

    GE Washer GTW460ASJ0WW Tub Won't Fill

    I usually have more problems with the cold water side. Are your lines connected correctly? not uncommon to have a sudden increase in sediment if there was some type of water line work done somewhere. Sometimes there can be sediment in the line and it doesn't move until there was a little air in the system. The air will dislodge it and send it to your screen.
  18. Uh oh. Icing up within a week or so? It's been plugged in for a few hours and its already got a layer of frost forming! Help!
  19. Son of Samurai

    Tech sheet please

    Here you go:
  20. Haier HA10TG31SB Refrigerator Service Manual View File PUB 1409S001V0 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 06/18/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  21. Last week
  22. Joe B, Stoughton Appliance Repair

    GE wall oven UCG 49-8706

    Thank you Sir. Didn't know that site existed!
  23. Son of Samurai

    Service manual request

    Here you go:
  24. Thermador CIT36XKB/06 Cooktop Schematic and Service Program View File Schematic PUB 54300001004418 Service Program PUB 58300000153569 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 06/18/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Schematic PUB 54300001004418 Service Program PUB 58300000153569
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