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  1. Yesterday
  2. I got the tech sheet off the box. Maybe I'm just stupid. But be damned if I can get it into the Ice Maker diagnostic mode.
  3. Whirlpool GD5SHGXKQ01 Ice Maker

    Could be a bad inlet valve. I’d remove ice maker and inspect mold tray carefully for cracks. If that looks good. Try a new valve and see how it goes. Part number: W10408179
  4. Thanks! I had no intention of jumping the valve. I have reassembled the oven (we still need to use the stovetop). I am simply waiting for the part to arrive in the mail. Thanks everyone for your input! Jim M.
  5. I bought a house recently and the oven is giving me fits. It’s a GE profile, electric, with two ovens (a big one and a little one). It doesn’t matter which oven you’re using. I’ll set the temperature, and it will just randomly turn itself off. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Doesn’t matter what temperature it’s set to. Sometimes it’s when it’s preheating, sometimes it’s when it’s when it’s been on for a while. I’ll have it on , walk away, and come back and only see the clock display. Sometimes it does it five or six times over the course of trying to cook a meal, sometimes it doesn’t do it at all. I’ve also noticed that sometimes when I press “0” to set a temperature (like 350 degrees), the display seems to think I pressed the number “8.” Any thoughts on how I might diagnose / repair? What do you think the problem is?
  6. Just donated via paypal. Thanks everyone!!!
  7. Hello all, <I tried to search for my answer first before posting but I can't find the magic to make the search function work. Maybe it's a Chrome issue?> Anyway: the ice maker is leaking water into the catch bin while making ice so it's freezing some of the already-made cubes into big blocks. Is this a bad water inlet valve? We have very hard water where I live (Lincoln, NE) so that may be contributing to the problem. I *think* the fridge is level so I don't believe it's just overflow happening due to gravity. We haven't moved the fridge in 5 years and this problem just started a month ago or so. When the ice maker arm is "up" the leak stops if that helps isolate a troubleshooting best guess. I consider the automatic ice maker to be one of mankind's greatest accomplishments (after the wheel and red wine) so it's critical to get this fixed! Thank you in advance for reading / suggestions!
  8. Hi Willie, I truly appreciate your and all the others on this forum and thread that help us novices repair our own appliances. You are very generous with your time and knowledge. I will happily donate to the beerfund to support this great community! Thanks again! Steve
  9. Hi Darren, Well Willie (Budget Appliance Repair) is the one to thank. He and others in this thread led me to this solution. And I agree, the more you understand the faster you will be able to do a diagnosis. Based on your questions and comments, it sounds like you have a really good handle on it already. Glad this thread was helpful to more than just me. Thanks, Steve
  10. Haier DD350RB

    Can anybody help me out here?
  11. DCS RGS-366 Broiler not working

    Thanks budget for that correction . Sound and good advice. I appreciate that concern in setting me straight on the proper way of testing that gas valve
  12. Thanks pigseye the more I can understand the actual flow of electricity the quicker in each and every cycle of not only this appliance but others, the easier it gets for me during diagnosis in making the correct decision on what I need to do . Thanks for your help
  13. [Webinar] Inaugural Appliantology Peer Group


    Quick heads up, compadres: If you are going to share your screen to present to the Group, you'll need to download the Join.me app and connect to the meeting using it. It's a fast and free download, get it here: https://join.me/app
  14. Wolf Electric Oven S030 F/S won't heat with two error codes

    @darren412, Pigseye' s answer of YES to your first two question is correct and you are also correct on your third question. @pigseye If you want to donate anything, please just donate to the site to help out: https://www.fixitnow.com/beerfund.htm
  15. DCS RGS-366 Broiler not working

    NOOOOOOO!!!! Don't try to jump any terminals at the broil or any terminals on the gas valve. If they read an open valve then the valve is bad. You do need to make sure the ignitor and wiring is not shorted to ground in any way. The valve bi-metal heater can go bad on it's own, (doesn't happen very often), or if you somehow send 120 VAC directly through the valve bypassing the ingitor in any way will immediately fry the valve bi-metal heater wire. One more common way this can happen is if you have the range hooked up to a plug with the wrong polarity instead of the 120VAC live line going through the t-stat then to the ignitor then out to the valve then to neutral on the other side of valve the 120VAC live line would be on the neutral line going directly to the gas valve and if somehow, (mice chewed wiring), the wire coming out of the other terminal on the valve contacts ground before passing thru the ignitor, instant burn out of valve bi-metal heater wire. There is no way to bypass a hot surface ignitor system valve - the best you could do if trying to test if the ignitor is pulling the correct amperage is to remove both of the wires going to the valve terminals and connect those two wires together totally bypassing the valve then the ignitor should turn on and heat up when you turn the oven control and you could take an amp reading of the ignitor.
  16. Run lemishine or other dw cleaner through dw It may takebseveral times. If cold water was used, the soap will not break down and therefore pump and spray nossles could be plugged with soap see above.
  17. Last week
  18. DCS RGS-366 Broiler not working

    It sounds as though your on the right track if I’m not mistaken . You may be able to Jump the broiler terminals at the valve correct , to check that ? Not positively sure but I think you can do that. Let me know what you came up with.
  19. LG Front Load Washer TROMM

    Hello, I am am going to this exact same issue with an LG front load washer Mod # WM2487HWM with the TE error code only. It sounds as though this has a common issue with the wiring located near or at the wire harness connection for the Thermistor located at the bottom front of the tub. this reminds me of the the wiring for the RPS sensor and its wires at the bottom rear of the tub. I have run into that issue in the back several times with these LG washers. Hopefully it will just be a bad wire as you mentioned and I will be in and out. .
  20. Hey Willie, I do want to send you some type of thank you gift. is there a way you send me some contact info privately? Thanks, Steve
  21. Hi Darren412! I can answer what happened when I didi the Checks that Willie suggested/ 1) Yes, the oven was in heat mode and I was checking across both red wires which were connected to the relay. 2) When I did the measurement before the repair it was 240V. I did the same measurement after the repair and got almost 0V (0.4V or something like that) 3) Willie is going to have to answer this question but I think you're correct. Hope I was a little helpful.
  22. Hi Budget I have a point of information for myself that I would like to understand. I do realize this is basic electricity but I just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly. Its a 3 part question. 1.)The checks you Had asked pigseye to perform were to be done while the oven was asking to heat up and while the two big red wires were still connected to the relays terminals. Is that correct ? 2.) If the relay was Good I would assume you be getting a close to zero reading on the meter ? 3.) if you are getting 240 volts across the two relay terminals while its still connected that would mean you are just reading the L1 leg from the other side of the heating element along with the L2 leg because of the bad relay contact ?
  23. Wolf Electric Oven S030 F/S won't heat with two error codes

    Should be good to go for many more years!!!! GOOD JOB!
  24. I believe I have found the problem. The unit has power, but the no electricity gets to the broiler igniter. The oven igniter works and all 6 burners work. The oven/broiler thermostat has continuity for both bake & broil. the Dual Thermal Gas Valve in the back appears to be the problem. One side (the oven) has continuity, but the other side (the broiler?) does not. I just ordered the part (#210782) from DCS. They were the least expensive option at $100.86 for the part. I hope this is the issue!
  25. Hot and cold hooked up correctly!
  26. Yes on valve receiving voltage. Water Pressure is good, inlet valve replaced, pressure switch replaced, and I have ordered a ccu (central control unit, hopefully that's the issue. Expected to be here by Friday. Fingers crossed!
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