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      Webinar Recordings Index Page   11/07/2017

      On-demand appliance repair training videos for Professional Appliantologist members Over 30 hours (and growing!) of original, high quality appliance training webinars developed and given by yours truly are at your fingertips, on topics you won't find anywhere else. Fill in those knowledge gaps, strengthen those areas of uncertainty, and boost your skills. Watch on mobile or desktop at your convenience whenever, wherever.  Ultra Short Primer on Basic Electricity, Circuits, Ohm's Law, and Schematic Reading (Length: 1:04:48) Basic Refrigerator Troubleshooting (Length: 1:10:45) Schematic Reading Workshop, 10/2015 (Length 1:19:08) Troubleshooting Strategies for Computer-Controlled Appliances (Length: 48:34) Semiconductors and PN Junctions (Length: 1:04:37) Appliance Temperature Sensing Devices & Technology (Length: 1:27:33) Voltage Measurements, Meters, Ghost Voltages, and Triac-controlled Neutrals (Length: 1:29:32) Troubleshooting with Tech Sheets, Part 1, 4/2016 (Length: 1:09:26) Troubleshooting with Tech Sheets, Part 2, 4/2016 (Length: 1:21:11) Tech Sheet Review, 4/9/2016: Bosch Speed Cooker, Amana Refrigerator, GE Glass Cooktop Range (Length: 1:22:58) Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Switches used in Samsung Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) (Length: 27:07) PWM Computer Cooling Fan in a Whirlpool Refrigerator (Length: 14:53) Understanding AC Split-phase Household Power Supplies (Length: 52:41) Troubleshooting a Samsung Electric Dryer without Disassembly using Live Tests and the Schematic (Length: 22:47) Troubleshooting a Bosch Dishwasher No-Heat Problem using the Schematic and Live Tests (Length: 15:38) Linear Motors and Linear Compressors (Length: 55:54) Bi-directional PSC Drive Motor Systems in Whirlpool VM Washers (Length: 56:52) Appliance Service Call Structure and Troubleshooting Strategies (Length: 1:00:16) The Ten Step Troubleshooting Tango and Workshop Exercises (Length: 1:35:39) Troubleshooting Ten-Step Tango Advanced Workshop (Length: 1:32:06) Ten-Step Tango Troubleshooting Workshop: Refrigerators (Length: 1:35:57) Whirlpool Duet Washer Schematic Analysis & Whirlpool Dryer Moisture Sensor System (Length: 1:03:04) Neutral Vs. Ground, Inverter Microwave, Digital Communications, Loading Down in DC loads, and more! (Length: 1:14:45) Gas Oven Service Call After a Parts Changing Monkey (Length: 36:04) AFCI and GFCI Circuit Protection Technology (Length: 41:26) Troubleshooting Samsung Refrigerators and more (Length: 1:29:58) 3-way Valves and Dual Evaporator Refrigerators (Length: 1:15:45) Split-Phase Compressors and PTC Start Devices (Length: 1:11:57) Gas Dryer Ignition Systems (Length: 53:50) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 1 (Length: 43:07) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 2 (Length: 1:09:09) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 3 (Length: 1:11:56) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 4 (Length: 37:45) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 5 (Length: 16:35) To access these webinars and all the other info-goodies here at Appliantology, become a Professional Appliantologist today. If you need cost-effective, time-flexible, state-of-the-art appliance technical training, check out the Master Samurai Tech Academy.
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      [Webinar] Appliantology Workshop   11/09/2017

      Information is the name of the game in the appliance repair trade today. Appliantology is a powerful information tool for the professional appliance repair technician. But just like with any of the more capable tools in your tool bag, many of the more powerful features are hidden from you unless you "read the manual." Ugh! Who wants to do that? Well, this is one time when you don't have to! In this webinar, Team Samurai will personally walk you through the site and show you many of the useful and powerful features that even long-time users probably never knew existed.   

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  2. Try posting this in the tech help section. https://appliantology.org/forum/4-appliance-repair-tech-forum/
  3. Also are there error codes?
  4. There is a tech sheet behind the bottom drawer. Also F&P phone lines are open 24hours. May get lucky and find someone willing to help a consumer diagnose the problem.
  5. Easy way to test. Swap the upper and lower drawer controls. If the problem moves to the other drawer, then you know it's the board.
  6. Hey guys. Just FYI I am an appliance tech. Been doing with for about 10 years. I've got kinda a weird one. I have a Bosch Wall Oven model HBL542AUC that heats only when the door is opened. When you close the door, the lights go off and it stops heating. Upon opening the door, the lights go on, the convection fan starts up and it starts to heat. The door hinges and door switch have all been replaced. It had this problem before I changed these parts (they were replaced because someone fell on the door and bent it damaging the door switch). We had this same problem about 10 years ago with one of these but I am unable to find the job in our computer system. If I remember correctly, it might have been the small relay board attached to the back of the Oven Control Board. Anyone run into this before? Thanks.
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  8. LG refrigerator not cooling

    For the same model number refrigerator as yours? Built before March 2009 (903KR)?
  9. LG refrigerator not cooling

    So even in the test sequence if everything tests good the main board may still be bad? I have seen a couple other forums which suggest people have changed the main boards with no improvement however I have not seen any resolution to those threads.
  10. Plastic gears- almost universally silent, especially when run in an oil bath. Rip it on open and let us know what you find.
  11. 665.14722111 compactor tech docs needed. Tech sheet W10415490 & Wiring diagram 9872109 Thanks!!!
  12. OMG that is incrediable. Thank you so much Son of Samuari. I was not expecting this. You are incredible. I truly appreciate all the hard work!
  13. LG refrigerator not cooling

    Built July 2007. Has a history of moisture damage to freezer fan motor...your replacement fan motor has been improved to eliminate that problem. In some cases...the shorted original fan motor will damage the Main Board as well.
  14. Temperature sensors have varying resistance based on temperature. You need to know what resistances are expected at what temperature to determine if sensor is good or not.
  15. What had continuity? Just because an Ignitor has continuity does not prove it's working. If it doesn't you know it is bad, but it can still be bad with continuity You have to test amp draw on live circuit.
  16. LG refrigerator not cooling

    Yes, 707 lower than 903...
  17. LG refrigerator not cooling

    I believe it is, 707krwz00169, is yhis lower? I'm not familiar with the numbering of the serial numbers.
  18. Yesterday
  19. LG refrigerator not cooling

    Is the Serial Number 903KR or lower?
  20. service manual

    Hello, I am working on a Kenmore microwave and the microwave is having this problem. sometimes it over cooks the food and sometime under cooks at every function.Can anyone advice what might be the problem and also if anyone has a service manual. Model # 721.6365330 Serial # 410km00865 Thank you.
  21. So I have an LG bottom freezer, LFC25760st, that had a bad evap fan motor in it which has been replaced. Now since that new motor was put in the freezer is working fine but the top refrigerator section is not working at all. The lights won't come on and it is not recieving any cold air as if the air damper or baffle won't open. However when it's in test mode everything is working properly. Any help is appreciated.
  22. Wondering if someone can zero in on what part of the transmission is failing then? The numerous disassembly/re-assembly videos seem to indicate a fairly simple construction, and it seems (to me) the most vulnerable item could be the big nylon gear, which I might be able to imagine making that noise... I don't see any bearings on the agitator shaft, however there must be a bushing or bearing on the input shaft/worm gear - would that make the offending noise? Might just open'er up tonight and have a look-see for anything obvious...
  23. Likely failed (intermittent) Main Board Part number: EBR6262102 To verify...use a Test Meter to check for 120 volts at blue plug. Simply insert test leads into pump motor plug...and leave them there. You can either run a test cycle...and monitor voltage to the drain motor or... Put the washer in SPIN ONLY several times...to check power to motor.
  24. Aaargh!! It stop working. Wont spin, won't drain. Flashing OE - just like when I had the old pump and old wires Unplugged. In the morning, I'll try replugging and draining again.
  25. You were right about finesse. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere with brute force. But finally got them apart. Does a rinse and spin load right now. Will see how goes
  26. It’s more of a finesse thing. You just have to push down on the right place. Worst case scenario: you can’t get them apart. Just cut the connectors out and splice the wires together.
  27. I got it apart. I had to get a heavy flat head screw driver and press down and up. I've attached the new wire; and now I'm running a test dry load. Pump is currently working. Will try a wet load once this dry load is done.
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