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  2. Test it as per page 49 in the manual.
  3. Funny, I had actually pulled my Flood Switch and cleaned it out this past was filthy. Cleaning it didn't get the heat back, tho'. But the part was never described as having a thermistor on any parts website I found...just "Flood Switch". None of the Q&A troubleshooting sites I found mentioned heat issues in relation to this part, only water issues. But the one in this schematic looks exactly like mine...and now that I know it has a thermistor, I think mine went defective. I'm cautiously optimistic that you nailed it. I'll pull it again tomorrow, see if I can test it...if not, I'll just get a new one, because this is the very first believable lead I've gotten. Thanks, Peter.
  4. Sterling GTC 361/5D spark module

    so this one didn't work for you? Which part did you order?
  5. And I went to school for computers, guess that explains why I work on appliances now.
  6. found as a google search for "GDT580SSF2SS schematic"
  7. try this:
  8. Yup, I guess you're not going to be able to find that file.
  9. So, I assume your name is Peter. ;-)
  10. I found this: file:///C:/Users/Peter/Downloads/c0c140df-0c49-4c4b-904f-9ff9d039ccd3.pdf Might be similar enough to your model. The wash water thermistor is located in the flood switch assembly(#308 in sump and filter diagram) and there is a thermal cut off (TCO) on the tub (#751 in body parts diagram)
  11. There are exploded view schematic diagrams at several different parts replacement websites like this one. Nowhere on the Internet is "thermal", "thermostat" or "thermistor" associated with my specific dishwasher.
  12. This fridge has had issues since day one, I dont know what the techs replaced when it was under warranty however it was never really fixed within the first year and the issues still remain now with the warranty expired so now I'm on my own. The fridge still gets frost in the ice making area which seems to have no fix and also gets frost in the fridge area above the evaporator coil where the coolant lines come in which causes a loud noise once the frost gets large enough to hit the fan, this is really the bigger problem I'd like to address. So far I've replaced: DA47-00243K - Defrost Sensor DA47-00244W - Defrost Heater DA32-10104V - Temperature Sensor It still gets frost. Any ideas?
  13. Did you mean a thermal cut off? And are you saying that the wiring harness cannot be replaced without replacing the entire wash pump assembly?
  14. Samsung DV40J3000EW/A2 stops mid normal cycle

    Make sure the lint filter screen is not so dirty that if you put it up to a light that you cant see through the filter screen. The filter screen housing needs to be totally clean inside also.You may also want to make sure the blower wheel is not stripped and may be slipping on the motor shaft. Just a few things you may want to check if you missed them.
  15. MSD2454FRW

    one of the obvious things that you may want to check is make sure that the freezer door switch is not stuck in the door is open position. The door switch if its in the closed position will shut down the ice maker and dispensing unit. If there is a good bulb in the freezer light socket, Push the door switch in and out to see if the switch is operating. If the switch is good the freezer light bulb will come off and on.. When you close the freezer door make sure the light bulb goes off . if it doesn't shut off. That would explain why the dispenser and ice maker are not functioning.
  16. Wrong, just Bosch and some other European dishwashers use no heater. All the American built dishwashers still have a heater for the drying cycle.
  17. There is a thermal cut out for the heater, it's part of the AC wiring harness below the tub. Now it subs over to a complete wash pump assembly and the wiring harness in one kit.
  18. I can’t see how the inlet valve pictured could possibly activate the heating element. Most modern dishwashers don’t heat during the dry cycle. They depend upon heat stored during the wash and rinses as well as rinse aid to dry the dishes.
  19. Do you have the schematic diagram for it? That will tell you what components are in the dishwasher.
  20. Kenmore Elite Calypso washer diagnose

    Start by getting a complete model number. Most calypso jobs end with getting a new washer.
  21. Yesterday
  22. I have a GE dishwasher that will not heat during either wash or dry cycles. The element tested fine with an ohm meter. My machine does NOT have a thermostat. I finally called GEHelp, and they told me it's because of the Water Valve Assembly...which is hard to believe: how does something that controls water intake (which works) also activates the heating element for both wash and dry cycles? I've done at least 50 hours of reading and investigating, and I've never seen any reference anywhere on the Internet that the water valve assembly can also activate the heating element. Is this possibly true? The only sensor in my dishwasher is the turbidity sensor, which I believe can trigger the heating element during the wash cycle, but it's also ruled out since it wouldn't have any impact on the element during the dry cycle, correct? I'm at my wits end. I can find nothing on the Internet about the potential cause, and no one on the phone has any answers...except GE, who gave me an answer that is otherwise documented nowhere, and I'm having a really hard time believing them.
  23. its a 2004 unit. model number 110.2206 its starts runs for 15 seconds and sounds like its binding up, than shuts off and you can still hear the buzz of a motor trying to move. Any ideas where to start? it has a complicated diagnostic system but the only code I managed to get was (5d) which was not even in the manual. thanks for any help.
  24. MSD2454FRW

    Check to make sure dispenser is in lock out mode
  25. Samsung DV40J3000EW/A2 stops mid normal cycle

    Are you replacing these parts with factory OEM replacements?
  26. Samsung DV40J3000EW/A2 stops mid normal cycle

    I cleaned the exhaust duct from the inside and outside. I am confident it is wide open. Is there a point in the dryer between the blower and the appliance exhaust exit that can be clogged?
  27. MSD2454FRW

    if it does , they are bad about this part breaking. 61005614
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