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  1. Today
  2. babbobubba

    gas oven heating erratically

    Thanks Quick. I didn't get any of the error codes I can find online (which typically begin with F). Instead this is what was displayed: L/D MOD ID 6101 AM16 UI15 EEKGO-245
  3. Yesterday
  4. Captain Dunsel

    WP fridge tech Sheet please

    Uses this tech sheet!
  5. Son of Samurai

    Samsung Refrigerator

    Are you sure that number is correct? It's not pulling up anything for me at either Repair Clinic or Samsung's servicer site.
  6. Verify if freezer compressor is getting power during the shut down periods. Should be an envelope up there with a decent schematic. If no power trace it back to whatever component is failing. How did you rule out the defrost timer? Most common cause of the trouble you are having.
  7. First off ....Anyone have a link to a SubZero 532 Repair and Service Manual? My freezer stops working on occassion - ruled out the compressor relay, the defrost timer I pull it apart (take the screen off and front compressor panel and it shoots back to life. Put it all back and freezer turns off in a day or two cleaned it out pretty well, refrigerator side never has an issue - only freezer. SO will work as long as i dont put the screen on?? Heat build up maybe - would that shut down a thermostat - fan works fine and seems like good airflow .... any suggestions (other than just live with the top grille not on lol)
  8. Bintiwangu


    I still do not understand how to tell if a "pretty close" number will work or not- unless it's in a list of applicable numbers on the manual front page.
  9. Quick

    gas oven heating erratically

    Nope. Make sure everything is off. Press the off key. You want the range in a idle state. Then press the Off and Start keys in the following order: OFF, OFF, START That will pull up any error codes for you. Perhaps giving you a clue anyhow.
  10. Our 11-year-old gas range – a Kitchenaid mod # KGSS907SSS00 – will display an oven temp of 350 but it seems much less hot. (I have no thermometer). If when 350 is displayed I turn the oven off and then back on after ten seconds it will show the oven temp as 212. Any ideas as to what's going on? Many thanks. BTW the igniter is working.
  11. Captain Dunsel

    KitchenAid Dishwasher KDFE204ESS1

    Uses this one!
  12. Request service manual/Tech Sheet please.
  13. Woke up this morning to find a puddle under me GE CAFE french door refrigerator. Freezer was 32 degrees; Fridge was 54 degrees. A few hours later both are now 10 degrees warmer. I ran diagnostics and got the following fault codes: Fault 105, counts 235, days ago 0. Fault code 203; counts 23; days ago 1. Fault code 109; Counts 4; days ago 19. code 105 is condenser fan not getting to rpms. I pulled it out and took a look, and the condenser fan seems to be working just fine. Some online trouble shooting suggests maybe it is a bad inverter. Any thoughts before I call a repair person? Thank you....Trish
  14. Captain Dunsel


    Could not find anything for that model.Hope someone will come a long and at least give you a mini manual!
  15. I'd take a close look at the harness that connects the panel back to the Main Ctrl. Look for broken/chafed wired where the wires bend as the drawer is pushed in. You can also test the harness pin-by-pin for continuity with a multimeter and tiny probes.
  16. Captain Dunsel

    GE Refrigerator Service manual

    Here you go!
  17. Never heard of centrifuge switch causing it to shut down. Even air fluff, needs airflow. Follow troubleshooting procedures from tech sheet or manual. Thermistor, moisture sensor, thermostats, etc...
  18. Thanks. That will be the first thing I check, but it’s doing it on air dry only also. I also recently cleaned out whole system. Could it be centrifugal switch on motor? It does it Whether it’s on timed drying or other cycles. Just peculiar it shows wet clothes readout from sensor system right before shutting off. I think when being tested with dry clothes it does this also. May go there tomorrow and check it out.
  19. KitchenAid KDDO24R undercounter double refrigerator drawers. Open the top drawer and see the control panel. It's dark, but the fridge is working and the other lights are on. Any tips for determining whether it's the display panel or the wires to it? I see the display for $350. Ouch.
  20. Captain Dunsel

    GE fridge tech Sheet please

    Uploaded a tech sheet. Waiting for approval!
  21. Okay, What I did wrong was searched appliantology for Kenmore using the *46702603 Which I guess is RIGHT, UNLESS the machine is built by Frigidaire/Electrolux. In which case, one must use the site that you linked for me. I appreciate it very much! Still trying to remember all this. Kevin
  22. Last week
  23. Thank you Captain Dunsel! I did use the *46702603 and every variation I could think of when that didn't work. But I'll try it again. Thank you, Kevin
  24. Hello, We are working on a GE Monogram and looking for a service manual. Model # ZIRS36NMCLH Serial # LF031768 Thank you
  25. ApplianceTechTn.com

    GE CFCP1RKBASS Refrigerator Minimanual

  26. Ok I found the tech sheet and parts list and service data sheet within 5 seconds! Parts list on a lot Kenmore/Frigidaire products will also have a wiring diagram in it too. Also they don't make a service manual for every appliance that anyone made.It would be nice though! The b2b is very easy to use.Always rememberer to use that Dot in the Model number! 790.46702603
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