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  2. KitchenAid KDDO24R undercounter double refrigerator drawers. Open the top drawer and see the control panel. It's dark, but the fridge is working and the other lights are on. Any tips for determining whether it's the display panel or the wires to it? I see the display for $350. Ouch.
  3. Captain Dunsel

    GE fridge tech Sheet please

    Uploaded a tech sheet. Waiting for approval!
  4. Okay, What I did wrong was searched appliantology for Kenmore using the *46702603 Which I guess is RIGHT, UNLESS the machine is built by Frigidaire/Electrolux. In which case, one must use the site that you linked for me. I appreciate it very much! Still trying to remember all this. Kevin
  5. Yesterday
  6. Thank you Captain Dunsel! I did use the *46702603 and every variation I could think of when that didn't work. But I'll try it again. Thank you, Kevin
  7. ApplianceTechTn.com

    GE CFCP1RKBASS Refrigerator Minimanual

  8. Ok I found the tech sheet and parts list and service data sheet within 5 seconds! Parts list on a lot Kenmore/Frigidaire products will also have a wiring diagram in it too. Also they don't make a service manual for every appliance that anyone made.It would be nice though! The b2b is very easy to use.Always rememberer to use that Dot in the Model number! 790.46702603
  9. I reread the Kenmore search post thing and tried it every way and cannot find anything on this. is there a manual available please?
  10. JCrest01

    GE GFE29HSDASS French Door fridge.

    I've run into the same issue. Never worked on this before. What is involved in installing Module WR98R465901?
  11. I need a service manual please for this range please. I can find a JS750 but that's all.
  12. Would like any manual on this refrigerator. FF section keeps icing the evap fan motor.
  13. J5*

    mortgage brokers

    Best advice I can give you Buy the shop in your name , not the business name
  14. Farrin Jennings

    LG Refrigerator LMX31985ST/01

    Thanks for all the past help guiding me in the right direction. Found out after all the frustration they sent me the wrong compressor. Lessoned learned...Check before install.
  15. Captain Dunsel

    Looking for Service manual

    You can get the tech sheet at the b2b site!
  16. Thanks for the file.
  17. Captain Dunsel

    Looking for Service manual

    Ok you have to go here for that! This should be your service manual that I found on the forum!
  18. Captain Dunsel


    Would be close to this one! This would be your tech sheet!
  19. Sorry amendment to model # 417.61722510 fat fingers 🙄
  20. Looking for Service manual or Tech data or whatever can get for this Electrolux built top load stack laundry center Thank you in advance😀
  21. liamvjackson

    mortgage brokers

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and thought I would ask for advice and all your valuable suggestions would be beneficial and appreciated. I have been leasing a shop for the last 8 years and the landlord has approached me to ask if I want to purchase the property. I feel this is an opportunity I can't let this slip from me.My understanding is that commercial mortgages require a very large deposit, I don't have cash sitting.I don't think I would have a problem getting a 60% mortgage given. I have a remarkable credit history and a business account that has been stable. I have never missed any payments in my 12 yrs of trading, and my account also has a healthy balance.My question is, has anyone ever been in this stage ? I can't let this opportunity slip away as I won't get this chance again if the landlord sells to another. Is there any mortgage brokers who could assist?
  22. Check for exhaust vent restriction...
  23. Dryer shutting down after seconds or minutes. Shows wet clothes symbol then completely shuts. Starts right back up. Does it on air dry also. Door switch seems ok. Haven’t checked it out yet but wondering if possible sensor. Took apart few months ago and installed new pulley, rolllers, belt and cleaned out. ?? Thanks
  24. Any familiarity with this freezer? I am considering buying a used one I found, particularly want to determine whether or not it is frost free and/or has auto-defrost. My wife will only be happy with a frost-free freezer. As we know if Mama's happy everyone is.
  25. LG LDC22370ST Refrigerator Service Manual View File P/No. MFL31442312 MODELS: LDC22370ST /02 LDC22370SW /02 LDC24370ST /02 LDC24370SW /02 LBC24360ST / 03 LBC24360SW /03 Submitter Captain Dunsel Submitted 06/17/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
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