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  2. Door lock is locked closed, could not get model from machine, looked online and this number matches the photo. Any suggestion how to release the lock or open the door, it is full of water and cloths! and how to get the water out before opening the door! Thanks for your help in advance.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Maytag Bravos MVWB300WQ2

    Wow! So many days have gone by and we are still "living" with this washer's issue. We've stopped with the shaking the tub and other such crazy attempts. It does not always stop a cycle with the Ld code, but when it does, it always shows 12 minutes left in the cycle. We can sometimes restart the cycle by touching the power, then the start buttons. Such a finicky machine! I guess I don't want to find out that it is the control module. Way too much moola! Beagle
  5. Service Manual

    Thank you and i did this search.i was able to find other manuals but not this one.If possible please help me with this. Thank you.
  6. Can I please have the tech sheet for this refrigerator Gshs3kgzbccs
  7. The Maytag 12400035 or GE WB2X9998 igniter can be used. Use the original LG igniter mounting bracket.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I've done a little more research on this. Our refrigerator was built before 6/2014. Samsung prior to that time used R-600a on the fridge compressor and R-134a on the freezer. I pulled the bottom cover and the freezer compressor is dirty and might be leaking. The fridge compressor was clean. This doesn't match with the fridge is warmer than normal and the freezer is close to normal. That's the direction we ended up going. I called Samsung and have this scheduled to be looked at tomorrow. The lady that called me from the service center last week said she thought it was a fan for the fridge condenser. Maybe?
  9. Hello All! Thanks for taking the time to look at my post. I'm having an issue with my whirpool wfe320m0as. The stove top will still work, but the display/controls are all blank. It started off as an intermittent issue at first (it would go blank for ten or so minutes & then come back on), and then 3 days ago it never would light back up. I had a strong power surge that fried a ceiling fan control box and other things about 3 days before it went completely black. The intermittent issues were happening before that, and even after. -A little about myself: I come from an IT background with some experience in electronics/electrical components. I'm pretty decent at troubleshooting, but appliances aren't necessarily my forte. I have repaired my own dryer in the past, so I figure I should be able to tackle this beast as well. I have a multi-meter and what not to be able to check voltages. I guess my question is, where do I start? I've reset it at the breaker multiple times with no luck. Thanks Again!
  10. Will do tonight. I do have an actual thermometer in there and it is showing the air temp in the freezer at 10deg F when I woke up and 45deg F in the refrigerator. My fear is that me opening the door in the morning is what triggers it too start cooling down.... I don't know. Then it makes me nervous to leave for more than 24hrs.
  11. I have an LG LRG30355ST gas range from circa 2008, and it appears that the bake ignitor has failed. I still have to pull it out later and check continuity, but its a no-glo from visual inspection The broil ignitor works fine, and I have gas supply and electricity elsewhere as expected. The main trouble is, that I'm in Canada and sales of LG parts to us is forbidden...even web suppliers I used in the past will no longer send LG parts up north. For giggles, I called LG Canada's flat-rate service, and they could not give a rate but advised part is about $200, plus double that for labor.... Here's my question - from what I know so far, the LG ignitor is likely a rebranded version of a flat bar Norton style possibly a 501a or similar, which seem to retail for about $25. Is there any way for me to ensure that any reasonable replacement I locate will cross-reference back to the LG OEM version? Are there any safety risks associated by using a Supco/generic version versus OEM branded ignitor? Your assistance in this regard is greatly appreciated Cheers!
  12. refrigerators have a cut in and cut out temperature. If you are testing air temp it may be normal. Check the temp of a cup of water with a probe.
  13. I have changed the motherboard, condenser fan motor, defrost heater and all 3 thermistors. The pattern I have noticed is that the temperature will climb at night (10deg F in the freezer and 45deg F in the fridge) and then when I wake up, it starts coming back down. I read that this specific model has an "energy saving" feature that controls the temperature in the fridge when the doors are not being opened. Obviously the doors are not being opened during the night so I thought there might be a link, but I assumed that any communication error like that would have been taken care of by switching the motherboard. Anything else I'm missing?
  14. Ah the Lighthouse has shined the light! Thank you. It was the transformer missing, the last tech removed it and taped off the wires. It sure looked empty in there. It is NLA, so I'll let the warranty company search for the part. Looks like the customer will score a new combo mw/oven.
  15. R600 unit are serviceable if you have the right tools. I would reccommend service thru Samsung. At least that way you know you are getting a trained tech that has access to all the bullitens and data available. If it is something under warranty they will be able to take care of it and if it's not repairable for some reason it will be documented and there may be other options available then if it were an independent servicer.
  16. Whirlpool RM770PXAQ1 Combo Micro / Oven

    Domo, Brother @Lighthouse!
  17. Whirlpool RM770PXAQ1Microwave Tech Sheet View File PUB 3184428 - Rev C Submitter Lighthouse Submitted 09/24/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  18. service manual and tech sheet request

    You know what OEM is— if not, Bing it. BTW, a general comment for everyone reading this— we live in a time where a world of information is literally at our fingertips. Many people are still getting used to the idea that when they don’t know something, the answer is just a few taps away on their phone. And you know that Kenmore is a marketing company, not an OEM. Many other OEMs supply products for Kenmore who then slaps a “Kenmore” label on it. Your task here is to figure out which OEM model is equivalent to this Kenmore model in terms of construction. One way to do this is to look up a key component, like a control board and then use a cross reference tool at Appliance Parts Pros to see what other models use that same part.
  19. Tech sheet and service manual

    There is a manual in this that has the different control setups
  20. On model tag . do you see R600 as refrigerant. Propane units are non serviceable . Samsung to replace unit under manufacturer warranty.
  21. LG refrigerator Linear Compressor

    Unfortunately not. Unit would be covered for parts if with in 7 years. Stuck with labor.
  22. I have a LG Refrigerator LFXS29766s. This refrigerator has a linear compressor that is broken. I would like to install anything else but do not want a linear compressor back in there. Anyone knows someone, link, or heard of this conversion? Or maybe a compressor cross reference link? I have already search the web the whole day and this is my last hope.
  23. Is there any techs familiar enough the the "F0" code that address the questions and concerns of the last paragraph? Except for "F0" code, the Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 seems like it has good marks. Unfortunately from the negative comments it appears that Frigidaire is saying that any "F0" error falls outside the 1 year year limit and won't even consider that it is the sealed system that failed which has a 5 year warranty. I do not understand if it runs for a year or more and then just runs and runs without getting cold that it is not the anything but the sealed system covered under the fiver year warranty. The fact that you move the sensor to the one area of evaporator that is still getting cold and it cycles correctly only proves to me that the controls and sensors are working correctly but there is still a possible problem with the sealed system Is Frigidaire saying that there has to be a different code than "F0" for there to be a problem with the sealed system..
  24. Thanks for all the replies. I told the wife to about the amount of HE detergent to use. She also indicated it gave her an error code "bE" 'control error' Manual says to unplug and wait 30 sec. to clear. This seems to work. I did have the top off and did not notice any water. Everything looks brand new. Next, I may take off the front door and panel when I get a chance.
  25. Sounds like the rubber boot (door gasket) is rubbing on the spin tub.
  26. I must have missed something along the way. I don't know what a OEM equivalent is.
  27. Last week
  28. Tech sheet and service manual

    I’m aware of this tech bundle my issue is the specific model I’m looking for doesn’t have a freezer up n down key pad. You have to hit options the select freezer or fridge temp so it’s a different display
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