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  2. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Kenmore washer 796.29278000

    Looks like Kenmore info blockade on this one, Tone.
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  4. Just like budget appliance repair suggested you will need to pull out the unit to see the control panel with the door closed. This is literally only going to need a couple inches. But aside from that if the dishwasher is working meaning running thru a complete cycle just not washing the dishes there’s many easier ways to determine the cause of the problem besides using diagnostics. Sometimes diagnostics on these units can be tricky and take much longer than some old skool trouble shooting.
  5. I’ve run in to this many times before. Specifically after an ice maker was replaced. I’ve always found that the rubber piece on the end of the fill tube for the ice maker isn’t sitting properly. This results in a little bit of water dripping down onto the floor of the freezer while the rest of the water makes it into the ice maker. That’s why the ice maker is still working. Check that rubber tube that sits directly above the ice maker. It’s probably a little “compressed from when the new ice maker was installed.
  6. Sounds like the death rattle. Compressor getting worse.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Thanks! Its been doing this for over a year, started soft and getting louder and louder. Now it can wake you up at night.
  9. lookin g for a service manual for this thing thanks!
  10. Dear Appliance Sensais, I have a 12 Cubic foot top freezer GE fridge that doesn't cool. GE MPE12FGKAWW. If my crappy memory serves me correct then its about 2.5 years old. Swapped out the control board located at the top of the fridge cooler and still get same results of no compressor running and blinking LED lights on the cold control panel in the fridge. Five LED lights in the top of the fridge cooler that give the status of the cold control are blinking. As per video. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O9h2DDsXpZKZFvaP7I6G77wNoppLZLv3 Suggestions that I have received, that sound reasonable(to a headless grasshopper), included bad start capacitor and bad start relay. Don't know how to check these properly. Found a couple of generic posting on the interweb but I'm not sure if they are applicable. Called GE and the sent me a user manual which was in my opinion 16 pages of uselessness since there were no schematics or diagnostics for this or any non trivial problem. Any help or sake would be appreciated. Humbly yours, Headless Grasshopper
  11. Hi I have a kenmore front loader. It has error fdl. In the tech sheets it says that’s a bad door lock or ccu. I checked both door lock relays on the board and they looked good. Also checked for corrosion on connections and didn’t see any. Connections are also snug. I have continuity in the wires from the lock to the ccu so I replaced the lock. Upon doing that the washer locks on the first try at start up but then continues to try to lock and just buzzes. It does this a few times before throwing the fdl error. So I went a step further and replaced the ccu. Same problem. Model number is 110.44936203. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  12. Tried to wash two pillows in Maytag and machine became heavily out-of-balance trying to spin. Machine now has a loud, regular "thump" whenever it goes into spin cycle. You can feel "something" hit the front top left corner of the cabinet. Thinking we've stretched the suspension spring(s)?
  13. I have carefully searched with *wildcard, backing off only one digit at a time. (both in files and everywhere) I can find a WTW5840BWO but no SWO. I never know how to tell if that is close enough. Thank you Sam in advance!
  14. Here's the job aid -- see if it has the procedure you need.
  15. Your refrigerator's compressor may have a loose mounting or it may be loose on the inside and need to be replaced. I have seen them run for a long time like that but from your description the noise is unacceptable. I would check the 4 rubber feet on the compressor and anything else that might be rattling around. If you don't see anything, start shopping for a new refrigerator.
  16. Service manual - please and thanks!
  17. Hi, I have a 15 year old GE Profile Side-by-side that makes a very loud bang / backfire sound when the compressor shuts off. It seems to cool ok, but the noise is very loud and can't be good. I have read about cleaning out dust and build-up, and attempted that, but so far that has not worked for me. I don't know if I need to clean out the fridge, angle it back and get at it from underneath. Any suggestions? Thanks - John
  18. I need to know how to adjust the door it is not aligning. thank you
  19. I am facing similar issue. would love to know how was this resolved?
  20. Yes if all steps are followed exactly for diagnostics and it does not work it’s usually a control issue. However we do not know your original problem. You’re video had no sound.
  21. Son of Samurai

    Need manual or service sheet

    See this post for finding Frigidaire info:
  22. Joe B, Stoughton Appliance Repair

    GE/LG dryer tech sheet

    Double service! Thank you sir!
  23. I 2nd that... If that refrigerator is an LG...the sealed system will get hotter than should...increases pressure...nukes compressor (internally). Best to wrap duct tape or similar...around the perimeter of the metal cover...and re-install.
  24. Last week
  25. certified tech group 51

    Yoder Loop Leak diagnostics

    for the Frigidaire replacement heater, it is a real small wire type heater... You cut the yoder loop tubing, suck in a small string and pull the heater from one end to the other end of the loop, ( it is removed from the flow of refrigerant).........You would have installed a small piece of tube to bypass the yoder loop..........Small Test..You can remove the yoder loop out of the system, install a piece of tube to replace the loop and recharge the system, Still leak???.....
  26. Need tech info for diagnosing cooling issue.
  27. Hey thanks for the offer I really appreciate it!
  28. Lighthouse

    Replacing the Fuse on the Main Control Board of an LG Refrigerator

    Tried to find these but was able to get the link to show them. Do you have another supplier for them or a link to these fuses? Have a part number?
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