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  2. I am needing a tech sheet or wiring diagram for this unit. It's an older refrigerator, Serial number SE111832. Thanks in advance, James
  3. Washer stopped in the middle of a load. every light on the control panel was on. I unplugged it. After plugging it back in, display shows part of a letter or number (straight horizontal then a line on the right going down) then :88. I have no idea what died and was not home when issue started. We got way behind in laundry. That is why it broke?
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  5. Captain Dunsel


    It is better to ask for a manual on a new Thread not a old one!
  6. lothian.mcadam

    Sourcing Run Capacitor -- Viking Wine Cellar

    Yeah.. I considered that. Compressors run caps for inherently robust. And I'm not keen on replacing a popped cap on a routine basis.
  7. 10 microfarad cap just find one of those and job done
  8. I have a Viking 15in Wine Cellar (their term) model 30WC-6501. I'm having difficulty sourcing a replacement run capacitor for this thing: run capacitor It's unlikely I can source an exact replacement component. But it is likely a spec-compatible capacitor will work, if I can find it. Any suggestions? Recommendations? Links?
  9. Maytag JGC9430AD Cooktop Tech Sheet View File PUB 16022200 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 07/15/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  10. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    PUB 16022200
  11. Maytag JGC9430AD Cooktop Service Manual View File PUB 16022158 Models: AKS3040* AKS3640* CGC1430AD* CGC2430AD* JGC6430AD* JGC8430AD* JGC8536AD* JGC8645AD* JGC9430AD* JGC9536AD* MGC5430BD* MGC5536BD* MGC6430BD* MGC6536BD* Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 07/15/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  12. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    PUB 16022158 Models: AKS3040* AKS3640* CGC1430AD* CGC2430AD* JGC6430AD* JGC8430AD* JGC8536AD* JGC8645AD* JGC9430AD* JGC9536AD* MGC5430BD* MGC5536BD* MGC6430BD* MGC6536BD*
  13. GE Profile Side by Side Refrigerator Model ESS25XGMB (2001) not cooling Posting a recent experience in case it helps others fix a similar problem Problem: Neither freezer nor fresh food side cooling. No humming sound from compressor or condenser fan or evaporator fan. Lights come on inside both compartments if doors opened. Followed test procedure to check main control board as given in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhQKqF5MgDE (excellent video, highly recommend the full series of videos on this channel) Found 120 Volt AC power coming to board (tested between orange lead, Pin 1, of connector at bottom right and right-most exposed contact of blue connector in the middle at the bottom of the board). Opened both freezer and fresh food doors and left open for at least 3 minutes to force the fans to come on. Then checked for power going to the condenser and evaporator fans by checking for 12-14V DC between Pins 3 and 4 (counting from the left) of connector J2 (left connector in second row of connectors at the top of the board), and then between Pins 3 & 5 for the other fan. Getting only 6 volts, indicating possible bad main control board. Turned off power to the fridge, pulled off connector J2 to recheck voltages directly on the board (in case I was not getting a good contact with my probes through the connector). Turned power back on, and very soon heard the compressor start. Checked the voltages again directly on the board, getting 13 Volts for both fans. With power still on I plugged J2 back in and heard the fans start. Waited for 5 hours, freezer was down to 2 degrees F and fridge down to 34 degrees F. Success! So, what was the problem? I didn’t fix anything but the fridge is working again. Did I reset something on the control board when I unplugged and then re-plugged J2? Posting this procedure to help others plus would appreciate any insight on what made the fridge work. Thanks.
  14. Captain Dunsel

    Maytag gas cooktop

    Ok This is the tech sheet! This is the service manual, but is not very good!
  15. Can I get service manual or any tech sheet thanks.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Samurai Appliance Repair Man


    Depends on the year and appliance. The Magic Chef brand functions more like a smaller scale Kenmore brand— it’s a marketing agency that gets various manufacturers to make appliances for them and put their brand logo on them.
  18. raven316

    Kenmore Fridge 106 77292790

    I took it off and it's solid, I guess it time. thanks
  19. Vance R

    Kenmore Fridge 106 77292790

    Check the start relay on the compressor. It is usually a PTC style. Take it off compressor and shake it, if it sound like loose gravel the disc inside broke apart. Also ohm out compressor windings. If you get lucky and it is the start relay clean the condenser. the extra heat kills the ptc style start group and is hard on the compressor.
  20. raven316

    Kenmore Fridge 106 77292790

    Would the motor work intermittently? It seems like it will go on and off and cool for a while. I'm pretty sure it's a goner but I thought I'd check. thanks
  21. Here is video how to get inside! Part number: WP2180226
  22. MrApplianceMatt

    Kenmore Fridge 106 77292790

    Your compressor is likely shot. The urethane on the windings in the compressor motor is likely worn allowing electricity to leak to ground which is what would trip your GFCI. The fact that it is tripping the breaker in the panel is probably because the motor is locked up and drawing too high an amperage for the circuit. Time to go shopping.
  23. This 22 year old unit started having some problems in the freezer so we bought a new Whirlpool and had the Kenmore put in the basement. I put all my frozen fish in it and yesterday morning went down and the GFI tripped and all the fish was ruined. I reset the GFI and it tripped as soon as I plugged it in. I changed the receptacle to a non-GFI, plugged it in and it tripped the circuit breaker in the panel. My understanding is that a repair would not be worth it but I wonder if there is anything I might try before I DX the unit? I used an appliance brush and spray to clean it after we moved it so I don't know if that may have trashed it?
  24. Parker858

    A/C help needed

    Hello, Issue with my A/C unit. When on, condenser fan spinning normally and all seems ok, however, air is not cool. Basically just room temp like it’s on fan setting. First thought is it’s probably low on Freon or there’s a leak. However, the other issue is that when the entire system is off completely, the condenser fan outside will start to spin very slowly by itself, stop, then spin slowly again. Any ideas what the issue may be?? Any help is appreciated. Thx
  25. Pretty straight forward 120 vac circuit. This should help. Forgot, the plastic posts that hold the switches break easy. Look up from underneath some time you can see switch hanging free. Other time have to remove dispenser panel and look.
  26. First refrigerator call. Refrigerator making ice normally but will not dispense. Any pointers? Thanks in advance.
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