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  2. No service manual that I can find, but here's the tech sheet in case you don't have it:
  3. Son of Samurai

    Samsung Washer WW22N685OQ Tech sheet.

    Apologies for the delay! Here it is:
  4. Samsung WW22N6850QX/A2 Washer Service Manual View File Basic Model : WW90M6 (WW6800M PROJECT) Model Name : WW22N6850Q* (WW6850N PROJECT) Model Code : WW22N6850QX/A2 (WW6850N PROJECT) Submitter Captain Dunsel Submitted 07/13/2020 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  5. Son of Samurai

    Miele double oven

    Here you go:
  6. Miele MasterChef Ovens 2017 Service Manual and Schematic View File Service manual PUB date 2017 For models H394B H396B H396BP H398B2 H398BP2 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 07/14/2020 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Service manual PUB date 2017 For models H394B H396B H396BP H398B2 H398BP2
  8. Wanted to put an update here. I found the source of the leak with a buddy's help. It was the drip tray and had a hole in it behind the compressor where we couldn't see it. We had to tip the fridge side to side and undo the base plate to slide it out. I was unable to find a replacement part, so we taped the bottom and then put a 2 part epoxy in the tray spread over the area to recreate the plastic. Hopefully it holds. Thank you for your help! https://ibb.co/2WCw2k0
  9. Captain Dunsel

    Stove manual needed fgf337ecd

    Only see a tech sheet.Here you go!
  10. Service manual and tech sheet thx
  11. Captain Dunsel

    Kenmore dishwasher manual needed

    Uses the same tech sheet as this!
  12. Captain Dunsel

    Samsung Washer WW22N685OQ Tech sheet.

    Was unloaded ,but still waiting for approval.maybe @Son of Samurai can help!
  13. I have run into some that the bearing has seized but not let enough water through to show the splatter pattern. So if there is nothing between the tubs As budget said, I would go that route. I have had very little brake issues over the years, mainly when I have had issues it has been on machines in basements where there has been lots of moisture
  14. Sounds to me like something stuck under spin basket and outer tub!!!!! If you try to turn the transmission by hand without turning the main drive pulley in the spin direction you should barely if all be able to turn the transmission. If that is so and when turning the pulley in spin direction you are then able to turn transmission by hand easier then when not turning pulley but still hard - then you need to remove the spin basket and look for something under the basket. Look closely with a flashlight down the sides to the bottom and you might get lucky and see the edge of something under the basket that you might be able to hook with a straightened hanger or something so you don't have to remove the spin basket, (you need a special sized spanner wrench for tub nut - left hand threads on tub nut).
  15. applianceman1

    Samsung Washer WW22N685OQ Tech sheet.

    Did you have any luck getting approval? Heading over first thing.
  16. Your model number didn’t show up as a valid number. If SXS could be broken wire in harness at bottom of door.
  17. Vance R

    Kenmore Fridge

    The service manual is here:
  18. Need Tech Sheet Please
  19. Hello and good day. I am looking for a service/ tech manual / wiring diagram. Model Number DFF8200W. Thank you.
  20. Opps, forgot there is a cap tube kit, MGE63775901. The cap tube goes down through the drain tube and then you wind it around the suction tube to make a "heat exchanger". So you have choices.
  21. Absolute Legend! Thank you again! This kit will just allow me to drill a hole through to the back and route the tubing along the outside of the fridge to the bottom correct? Or does it need to be installed a long with the insulation?
  22. Here ya go - have fun new heat exchanger kit for their side by sides and single evaporator french door bottom mount. Kit AGR75874401
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