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  2. Not directly, step 4 run the compressor and all fans. step the 3-way through home position, closed postion, one evap at a time and then open to both evaps. You can monitor temps with a probe, ir gun or thermistor voltages. With the wiring diagram you can ohm the winding of the coils. Voltage is only there when the board moves the the valve and is pulsing the windings. Should be around 12 vdc.
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  4. MVrepairs

    Start Capacitors and Run Capacitors in Split-Phase Motors

    Great post. Thank you for doing this, you guys provide an incredible service.
  5. I heard and felt the 3way valve clicking to presumably the closed position at both startup and when i selected the diagnostic mode(04). However, i also held my hand on the valve for over 15min after normal startup (= NOT in diagnostic mode) and didn't hear it click, to open to the either freshfood/freezer evaporator. Is there a diagnostic mode or an electrical check if the 3way valve is working properly to set to all three positions?
  6. Vance R

    Samsung RF28R7351SG/AA Forced Defrost

    Makes the compressor and all fans run then step the 4-way to cool different compartments. FD is forced defrost for all compartments. If you push the button until the blank screen comes up it will exit the forced mode and return to normal operation.
  7. Thanks Vance, SMG DA97-12668A
  8. Samsung_Side

    Samsung RF28R7351SG/AA Forced Defrost

    Related to Model RF28K9380SG/AA What are Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3, and Mode 4? Thank you -
  9. Samsung_Side

    Samsung RF28R7351SG/AA Forced Defrost

    Thank you!! I had to repeat this three times and I was able to take the leftover bits of ice by hand. Now....I re-did the command codes to the next one after FD and the screen went blank. I am assuming that was for routine function, correct? Now, I am unable to get any water from the fridge? Do I need to do anything else? Thank you in advance -
  10. homegroans@gmail.com

    KitchenAid Downdraft KIRD801VSS-1 elevator screw (P/N W10235656)

    Right!?! That's so strange. What happens to the entire part inventory? Does it just get purged and thrown away? Seems like I might try to have one made with a 3D printer...
  11. Ran model number and it came up as GE. From your post this is a new machine. Newer machines are setup as water and enregy savers. Most newer machines "hot" is about 95 to 100 degree water. Same with warm water setting. This one looks to have a agitator from the parts list which will have a little more than the wash plate style. These only use about half the total water of a older machine.
  12. HSWP1000M4WW Kenmore clothes washer. Triple water valve, P/N WH13X22720. Hot water is only lukewarm. Warm water is cold. (Cold is cold!) Fully hot if I shut off cold supply. Inlet screens are clear. Solenoids energized, per setting: “Hot”: hot (left-hand; red plug) & warm (middle; white) “Warm”: all three, including (right-hand; blue) “Cold": only (right-hand; blue) Is the valve defective? Perhaps, solenoids not opening all the way? (No leaks or dribbles once water level is reached) Why are there 3 solenoids/valves? I’ve been in house 2 years; washer is (much?) older, came with house; water is a bit hard & was acidic; now have water treatments. ALSO, water level always seems rather low, compared to previous washers (also Kenmore). I’ve seen videos on web on some “tricks” to adjust the fill sensor. Any suggestions/advice? THANKS!
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  14. Not even one on ebay. Looks like none available anywhere.
  15. What is your version number the 00 version at samsung parts the filter housing comes up as a da97-12668?
  16. Great points. Humility makes 'being wrong' a lot easier. Whereas experience is great, unless innovation stops, expertise is an ever evolving challenge. That makes it interesting.
  17. Hey there, Samsung Fridge has stopped making ice and water flow was very weak. Thinking the filter case assembly is bad. Tried to replace filter case assembly for Samsung fridge model RF323TEDBSR/AA (Part # DA97-12661A). But after installing the new one for some reason we had no water flow and the ice maker (augur) didn't make any noise. Strange enough when we slap back the old filter case we got the same weak water flow and ice maker made the normal sound. What could be the cause? Appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thanks a lot
  18. Yes, think that is the correct step.
  19. Thanks do the hand test first. What am i looking for once the unit is set in diagnostics mode (04, i believe)?
  20. took out filter housing - as stated by Vance R - no solenoid/valve on filter housing. by-passed filter housing and had good flow through door. Reconnected everything. Took filter out of housing - still had good flow through door. So either a bad filter or bad filter housing. Still have three fairly new filters. Rotated through all three, still very little flow. Ordered new filter housing. Will update after install of new housing.
  21. Captain Dunsel

    Kenmore washer

    Uses the same tech sheet as this one. You can use this service manual.
  22. Put your hand on the valve and plug in refrig should feel it vibrate as it goes to home position. . Can also put into diag mode and there is a step to check the valve.
  23. Yes, i did only tap the low side and witnessed the slight vaccum while running, and within the first 5min so likely when the 3way valve was shut off. Along i presume while i was still charging it have opened to engage the evaporator coil in the fridge/top section. I noticed no cooling in either top or bottom. Could the 3way valve be not opening/switching at all? Besides replacement, which will requires chargedown, vacuum, recharge, what can i check on valve to see if it is really working? Once its functionality is confirmed, blockage in the system would i believe the only remaining explanation.
  24. No solenoid on filter housing. Lets start with dispenser issue. You indicted new valve installed and no water going from valve to filter. Also you have replaced filter several times. Does the water work after filter install? Does it slowly stop after awhile? Can't remember how this one is hooked up for water movement. So will start at the valve, turn off water at wall and disconnect water line going into valve. Hold line into a container and turn on water. If you have no water coming out move back up the water path and repeat test until you find water flow. If you have water coming out turn off water and hook line back up to valve and disconnect line going to dispenser. Put valve over a container and turn on water at wall. Call for water using the dispenser paddle. If no water flow check for 120 vac at water valve coil for dispenser. If no voltage you'll need electrical troubleshooting to find the issue. If you have water flow move down the path and repeat test ubtil you find blockage. Since you mention changing water filter several times it could be possible there is a problem with the housing. Easy to prove by using flow tests
  25. DinoTX

    Samsung DV50F9A6EVW - HE code

    I did end up finding a short in the element after closer inspection. It works perfectly now. Thanks again for your help! I know cheap components aren’t the best choice but I’m just trying to get this set to last us another year or so when they’ll be replaced when we build a new house. Thanks again!
  26. Vance R

    LG Washing Machine Not Spinning

    Start by looking for the leak. If it is one of the water valves is leaking it could be leaking down on to the motor. Check the tub bearings for noise and play. Make sure the rotor bolt is tight. If needed ohm out the stator windings, they should all have the same resistance. Usual problem items if everything else checks out good are the hall sensor and/ or the wire harness from motor to cabinet.
  27. I can't find the KitchenAid Downdraft KIRD801VSS-1 elevator screw (P/N W10235656) anywhere! After 4 days of searching on-line for this seemingly unavailable part I have come up with nothing. Are there any other sources I can check? Thank you!
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