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  2. Looking for the Service Manual. I believe I have the correct minimanual, but wanted a service manual if anyone has one.
  3. I need the mini-manual for this model. Thanks, James
  4. Today
  5. Having my failed compressor replaced on my Kenmore Elite 795.7205 by a Sears technician as I'm writing this reply. Purchased fridge from Sears in Apr 2012 for $2549.99. Compressor failed in Aug 2019. Warranty in my manual clearly states "For ten years from date of purchase, a defective compressor will be repaired free of charge." I mention this to the technician and he tells me it is still going to be $450 to do all of the repairs. Although he is not charging me for the compressor part or labor to replace the compressor (shows me on the bill where those two are zero cost), he says that there are two other parts associated with the compressor replacement, a filter dryer and some fittings, that he has to replace per LG repair process. The form in his system says that the filter part only costs $19.12 but when I question him about why the bill is so much he said that LG charges them $150 for the part so they have to put it in the system that way. Also, the labor to flush the system and install the filter/fitting parts is a fixed fee per their drop down menu that they use to enter the tasks in their system. He says he also has to clean out the whole system because the failed compressor releases contaminants (dryer oil?) that can cause damage to the system in the future. So $450 to repair a failed compressor that is explicitly called out as being covered in my warranty. I have been going back and forth with the the tech but he is standing his ground. I said that parts and labor associated with replacing the covered part should also be covered. He says no, that's the way he has to do it. Unfortunately I have been without a fridge for almost 3 weeks now so I can't continue to argue with him. I must accept defeat and pay for something that I strongly feel I should not have to. Total cost quoted to me by the tech: $450 Cost after his manager applies a coupon: $313.64 Parts Cost: $19.12 Labor Cost: $175.00 Diagnostic Fee: $99.00 Tech says that most of his calls are for this compressor and he typically stocks 25-30 of them at any given time. He estimates that 1 in 3 of these Kenmore/LG compressors will fail. He also says that LG only reimburses them (the repair company) $135 for the warranty replacement work, which is clearly not enough for 3.5 hours of work + travel time, etc. This is all questionable business practice at best, and perhaps even fraud and/or misrepresentation on the part of Kenmore/LG about the warranty coverage. I would love to be informed of any class action lawsuits on this fridge if they happen in the future.
  6. Captain Dunsel

    Amanda Fridge service manual needed.

    Model number does not come up!
  7. Hello. just looking foe this service manual. thanks. phil
  8. rjvitullo

    Maytag Dishwasher MDB7749SBB

    I started digging deeper and I have determined that no water at all is getting in the dishwasher. is it possible that the inlet valve is bad?
  9. Thanks for all the helpful advice posted here. I contacted Frigidaire/Electrolux (800-944-9044) and they are honoring the warranty (I purchased in 6/2018); under the 2-5 year part of the warranty. I had to fill out a claim form and send various pieces of documentation which I did today. They claim a new dehumidifier will be on its way to me in a few weeks.
  10. I know badget bobs as they are offering great products and services in Sarasota we also have the same services in ac installation Sarasota
  11. Gmaire02

    No ice

    Customer complaining of no ice. Leaking water valve. Thanks
  12. 16345Ed

    Delayed Ignition

    You’re working with natural gas and sound like you have no clue on what you are doing. Wouldn’t it be safer for you and your family to call a professional? I know we all want to be DIYers but sometimes safety should be considered. You should see the wiring I’ve had to correct in my House because previous homeowner was a DIYer. Wire connections not in boxes etc..,
  13. 16345Ed


    There is at least one technical bulletin on frost build up on that design. I’d call a professional that has access to whirlpool service bulletins.
  14. Kids in the home and you’re scared. Call a professional technician please!
  15. Hello everyone. My kitchenaid superba KGSC308LSS0 is acting up. it could be possessed. last friday my wife and kid was at home doing their normal home stuff, and suddenly my wife noticed that the house was getting way too hot with no apparent reason. She noticed that the oven was on but nothing was displayed on the control display. Since there was nothing displayed on the screen there were no mean to shut it down.. She got scared and called the Fire department.. Those busy brave man came into my house and unplugged and shut the gas off. I felt really bad.. After all the fiasco I went online and did some research on my own... Some say is the thermostat some say its the relay on control board..... Can anyone advice me a proper way to fix my possessed Range/Oven? I am scared because no one or my kids could be home alone and this could happen... Thank you in advance for your help guys!!
  16. Not sure if the additional #ers after the model are needed or not.
  17. Thank you so much. I am new to appliance repair and still learning so much it definitely not black and white!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Take a look at this service manual!
  20. Captain Dunsel

    Kitchen aide range tech Sheet please

    Model number missing some digits at the end will affect tech sheet required!
  21. You have to go to the B2B site and use the dot after the 253 model number! 253.57388600 no service manual that I know of.
  22. Captain Dunsel

    Whirlpool Dryer

    Going to have to upload it Waiting on approval.
  23. AllStarBob

    Whirlpool Dryer

    Oh I'm sorry The # is WGD97HEXL1
  24. AllStarBob

    Whirlpool Dryer

    It comes up at sears. The customer gave it to me
  25. Captain Dunsel

    Whirlpool Dryer

    Thats not a good model number.
  26. I'm going out to look at this unit with a customer complaint of getting to hot. Would like to have any tech info I can get. Thank you
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