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  1. I want to replace my fridge. 23 year old 25.4 CF Kenmore SxS with water and ice in the door with a french door model. My Kenmore has been rock solid for 21 years with the exception of a start relay and door closer shims which were cheap, quick and easy to replace. I haven't ruled out new, but I would prefer used/road tested and realize there are risks. I've looked at a lot of them. New and Used. I don't really care about water in the door, but I do like my ice (crushed) in the door. I am starting to think I may be better off without water and ice in the door as far as problems are concerned. If they're quick, easy and inexpensive problems I don't mind as long as they're not chronic. I can fix those. I saw one Kitchenaid model that had steel roller slides on all the drawers and the freezer. I really likes that feature. Some of the others were just plastic sliding on plastic, and some were nylon rollers sliding on plastic. There seems to be a couple of schools of thought on these water-and-ice-in-the-door units. I've seen small footprint ones in the freezer cabinet, full size ones in the freezer cabinet and some "slim" ones on the back of the freezer door. I've also seen some models with TWO ice makers. One for the in-the-door dispenser and one down below shelling out the crescent cubes. I understand some of them have their own cooling system, and others have freezer air blown up from the bottom. Any advantages or disadvantages to these types? There appears to be pretty good documentation available for most of the mainstream brands, though I've found Samsung to be somewhat difficult to find. Many places don't don't have knowledgeable sales folks. Some of the appliance specialty stores have decent sales folks which are ok as far as features go, but they don't have a lot of info on reliability and customer satisfaction. Hence my posing the questins here. I would welcome any advice/suggestions as far as brand/model/system type reliability and performance. Keeping in mind maintenance (parts availability and pricing) as well. Anything good to look for, anything to steer clear of? Or is this just a crap shoot. Get the one I want with the features I want and "deal with it" ? Thank you.
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