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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. This is my first post here. Hope to get advice from someone who knows about Bosch hood fan installation. We got this fan few years ago for the project and it was installed but never used. The owner changed mind and it was removed and put in a box, sitting in a storage. We decided to used it for our house but realized there are several things missing. According to the installation manual (page 8) , below are the items included. I've highlighted things we are missing in Red. I called Bosch parts department and was informed I can purchase installation kit which include everything I need, except Back-pressure Flap. Part number: 00758988 Extractor hood with fan, back-pressure flap Lamp, already installed Metal grease filter Flue duct Drill template 1x angle bracket for the flue duct Instruction manual and installation instructions 6x screws, 5x45 mm 8x screws, 4x8 mm 2x washers 2x hollow wall plugs, 8x40 mm 4x hollow wall plugs, 10x50 mm T Torx adapter, 10 & 20 I need someone's professional advice on 2 areas. 1. If I order installation kit from Bosch, it takes 3-4 weeks to receive the order. I want to get this installed sooner and wondering if I can get all the materials (except drill template and manual) from local hardware store? 2. Do I need back-pressure flap? Again, can I buy this item from hardware store or is this something that needs to be specific to this model? Thanks in advane.
  2. Please help with ideas how to repair/replace Viking VIPR161ss fan speed control. this part sits on the right side of the Top Cover Assembly which is Viking Part# PS200006. that part is over $600, if available, so it doesn't make sense to purchase vs cost of entire new unit. I've inquired with some board repair places but have yet to find someone who can repair it and have yet to see any offered on ebay or craigslist. any ideas would be much appreciated. thank you.
  3. Starting a week or so ago occasionally herd a fan 'cycle'...run for 2-3 seconds, then spin down and immediately back up. As of today it's doing it constantly. I have cleaned out the condenser coils and verified that its the condenser fan making the noise, I have run the diagnostic test #49 as mentioned in another post and it cycles at around 1700-1750, but it will dip to +/- 0, 420, 1200 mostly it stays in the 1700 range. I believe it to be the circuit board as the main problem and possibly the fan, but it does spin based on the reading on this site and others. I plan on replacing the circuit board and fan at the same time. If my logic is off please let me know. When replacing the circuit board, is it just a plug in and replace or is there any type of setup/programing that needs to happen Any help or insight would be greatly appreaciated Mike
  4. Hello all! I have a Kenmore gas wall oven, model 911.30465894. This morning while preheating, the oven became very silent. When I started to preheat the oven, the fan came on and then it stopped after a few minutes. The oven continued to increase the heat to the desired temperature. I proceeded with cooking and after a few minutes, the fan came on again. Oven heats and cooks fine. Fan sounds normal when it runs. Fan stops running during cook time. Doesn't seem consistent with what it did prior to today. Prior to today, the fan would stay on until the oven cooled down after cooking. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have a Kenmore 795.72183.315 (LG) french door bottom freezer refrigerator that the air filter (odor) fan is not running. I removed the filter cover, screws from led light and fan assembly. The wires are too short to pull the assembly out. how do I get it out? Do I need to remove the interior walls? If so, how do I remove them? I can't find the fan on any of the parts websites - even Sears. It is a small square axial fan. Anyone have any info on this fan or how to remove it?
  6. 49 downloads

    Whirlpool Refrigerator 8201589 Evaporator Fan instructions 8201590 Instruction Sheet for Evaporator Fan Motor 8201662 Instruction Sheet for Evaporator Fan Noise Reduction Kit
  7. File Name: Whirlpool Refrigerator 8201589 Evaporator Fan instructions File Submitter: RegUS_PatOff File Submitted: 21 May 2013 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Whirlpool Refrigerator 8201589 Evaporator Fan instructions 8201590 Instruction Sheet for Evaporator Fan Motor 8201662 Instruction Sheet for Evaporator Fan Noise Reduction Kit Click here to download this file
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