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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, State HW heater 40 gal nat gas. Mod GSX40YBRS Ser# H04A007252. Installed 10/2004. Has been fine since we bought the house in 5/2013. All of a sudden, today, my son (he's 60 miles away) woke up to no hot water. Gas stove and gas hot air furnace are fine. (Not a supply issue). No pilot on HWH. It will restart and appears to go out on safety. I can restart the pilot fine. But when I let go of the pilot override and go to turn the tstat to the desired temp, the main burner fires up, and will run for approx 115 seconds, then I hear the "bink" of the gas solenoid closing and the burner shuts off immediately. It does not fade slowly (as if it was a supply issue), it goes from strong flame to off immediately at approximately the 115 second time mark and the "bink". I had him clean the intake screen at the bottom and it made no difference. When I looked at the main burner flame through a little square glass window (via facetime), it was mostly blue with a little yellow at the tips. It also looked a little wavy or wobbly. I don't have any comparison for it, so I don't know if this is a good flame or not. Also, the camera was not good enough where I could see if the thermocouple is being engulfed by the flame or not. I am going to drive out there tomorrow and have a look-see. I am probably going to take the burner assy out and clean it. Or at least access it to clean it. Do I need to take it out to clean it ? There is also talk of a "ceramic disc" as well, but I can not find it listed on the diagram or parts list. I have not been inside a (residential) gas HWH before so I don't have a lot of familiarity with them. I have a diagram and parts list. Are there any tips, tricks or suggestions that would be worthwhile for getting to the innards of the heater ? I did notice that there are 4 "items" that connect to the control. 1. Main burner (large) tube (gas supply) 2. Orange wire for igniter. 3. Small copper capillary (I presume for thermocouple) 4. Small silver/steel tube about the same size the capillary above. Pilot supply? Are there any other tests or diagnostics can I have him do before I arrive there? Where tomorrow is Saturday, should I take any replacement parts with me (assuming I can get them today) ? Thermocouple perhaps. Thanks for any suggestions you may be able to provide. -Paul.../NH