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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys and gals, I have a 41-year old Inglis, belt-drive washer (washing machine) which has only let me down once before in all those many years! That was 10 years ago and I simply (well, fairly simply anyway) replaced the motor with a good, used one. Now, the machine won't drain when it is supposed to and I have determined that the drain pump shaft (with the pulley on top) isn't turning when the washer goes into drain mode! Since a new drain pump for something this old is hard to get a hold of and it is almost half the cost of a 'replacement' used washer, I am exploring the idea of 'rehabbing' the pump! Does anyone know if that might that be possible and, if so, can someone provide me with some pointers on how to do it (e.g., remove it, take it apart, clean all the parts and then give the shaft some good. old 3-in-1)?! TIA, dazedandconfused
  2. LI-NY Tech

    Centrifugal Pumps and Cavitation

    I recently had a customer whose washing machine would not drain. I attributed this problem to the excess of suds in the tub. The customer seemed skeptical of this diagnosis and so this problem seemed like a good topic to delve further into. Oversudsing issues are very common in washing machines and dishwashers. Using the incorrect type, or an excess, of detergent can cause an oversuds situation. This often leads to drainage problems. The drain pump cannot pump out overly sudsy water. But why not? It's because of something called cavitation. Cavitation is the formation of vapor cavities in a liquid. Washing machines and dishwashers use centrifugal pumps. A centrifugal pump needs an uninterrupted supply of water to function properly. The spinning impeller causes the water inside the pump to spin as well, creating centrifugal force, which causes the water to flow away from the center, or inlet, of the pump and out of the discharge port. This displacement creates negative pressure which sucks more water into the pump. Introduction of suds, which are mostly air, into a spinning impeller will interrupt the flow of water and introduce air into the system, disrupting the vacuum being created, and ultimately preventing the pump from being able to discharge the water. This will not be resolved until the suds are eliminated. Fabric softener or vegetable oil can be added to the machine to help to eliminate the suds and allow the pump to finish draining the water. The video below is a brief introduction to the way in which centrifugal pumps function. Thanks for reading. David RD Appliance Service, Corp. http://www.rdapplianceservice.com RD Appliance Blog
  3. Hi Everyone. First I want to say thank you for all the material and help I've already gotten; this is a great site. Second the reason I am posting here is to beg for a Samsung WF337AAG/XAA Service Manual. I currently have a nd error (No Drain). Thanks to this site and others I knew enough to check all the hoses and the Drain Pump. They are clear; I even took the pump apart and cleaned out even the smallest amount of "gunk." This unit was made in 2007 so there is no up front filter and the Drain Pump is also in the back.... currently easy to get to at least. Anyway, I bench tested the pump by applying 120v directly to the terminals and the pump runs like a champ. When I test the plug that connects tot he pump I don't get much in the way of voltage.. assuming I'm doing the Drain test propertly. Btw, I'm doing that by pressing "Spin + silvercare and Power" at the same time. After it displays the software version I select "Soil" My understanding is that, that should make the pump come on... it doesn't and I have no voltage down the line. SO, all this leads me to believe that I've either got an expensive PCB issue or cheap wiring issue. I would LOVE to check the pins on the board that activate the drain pump but I don't know where they are... I did find a manual that is iffy and it suggested pin1 on CN5 and Pin6 on CN10... I did find CN5 and CN10 but I'm not sure which pins are which.. that part was in Japanese. *shrug* So in conclusion please please please, oh great master please, allow me to look upon the great scroll that is the Samsung WF337AAG/XAA Service Manual. And also.. if anyone has any advice or help they could give me (especial in the way of the pin outs) I'd really appreciate the help. OH, I'm attaching a picture of the control board below! Thank you, Cory
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