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Found 11 results

  1. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    LG Dryer Gas Valve Troubleshooting

    From the album: Dryer Repair

    Replacement gas valve assembly: http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Gas-Valve-Assembly/5221EL2002A/1266848
  2. I am working on a Dishwasher ..... a Kenmore ( Whirlpool ) Model #66514563N610 Sears was out there and told him he needed a new control board and gave the guy an estimate of over $400. Anyway, thru a friend I get the call, I did not check what Sears actually did (mistake #1) and installed the new control board that the customer ordered. After installing the part I notice that the DW is not filling correctly, I cleaned the Screen, and it helped a lot. However the fill level is still not high enough and the pressure/ float switch is not being activated. I checked the fill pressure and the line to the valve has amazing water pressure so I need a new valve. The Part Number of the new valve is Part: W10327250 and the cost is $56.00. Is there a Universal Valve that I can put into this DW, it has the molex connector and has the "Garden Hose" fitting. Click here to see the image https://www.searspartsdirect.com/part-number/w10327250/0022/665.html Can anyone tell me another part # that will fit this that cost less and has decent flow rate for the fill.... I gotta run this call tomorrow so kinda in a rush... Thanks I found this one Whirlpool W10648041 Inlet Valve for $38 , it should work...but looking for a cheap one that will work
  3. Hello all, <I tried to search for my answer first before posting but I can't find the magic to make the search function work. Maybe it's a Chrome issue?> Anyway: the ice maker is leaking water into the catch bin while making ice so it's freezing some of the already-made cubes into big blocks. Is this a bad water inlet valve? We have very hard water where I live (Lincoln, NE) so that may be contributing to the problem. I *think* the fridge is level so I don't believe it's just overflow happening due to gravity. We haven't moved the fridge in 5 years and this problem just started a month ago or so. When the ice maker arm is "up" the leak stops if that helps isolate a troubleshooting best guess. I consider the automatic ice maker to be one of mankind's greatest accomplishments (after the wheel and red wine) so it's critical to get this fixed! Thank you in advance for reading / suggestions!
  4. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Gas Valve Circuit Quiz

    From the album: Dryer Repair

  5. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Appliantology Water Filter Quiz

    From the album: Water and Plumbing

  6. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Answer To Appliantology Water Filter Quiz

    From the album: Water and Plumbing

    Click the image for larger view The short answer to the Quiz question is "No." Here's why... This was from a recent service call I did for a washer with very low cold water flow. I had been out on this washer just a year ago for the same problem. I found the cold water side of the inlet valve packed in with sediment (the house is on a well). It was so far gone that I had to replace the valve and I advised the customer to have a plumber install a whole-house sediment filter, which they did. When I went out on the call, I found sediment in the cold water side of the valve again. I showed this to the customer and she became distraught. "But we installed the sediment filter like you told us last time! I thought it was supposed to stop this from happening. Why didn't it?" she asked. I asked to see the sediment filter and this is what I found. Turns out they had forgotten to close the bypass valve after the last time they changed the filter. When I pointed this out, the light bulb went off in her head. "Oh! That's why this filter lasted so long! The first filter we had to change after two months because it got so clogged with sediment. This one has been in there ever since and it still looks new!"
  7. File Name: Refrigerator Sealed System Access Valves File Submitter: curjones File Submitted: 26 Oct 2013 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Basics for refrigeration, how to access the sealed system properly. Click here to download this file
  8. 36 downloads

    Basics for refrigeration, how to access the sealed system properly.
  9. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Freeze crack in a Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve

    From the album: Refrigerator Repair

    Common problem with homes in northern climes where the owners spend winter down south but the heat in the house it turned too low or fails. Buy the replacement valve here: http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Water-Inlet-Valve/242253002/2689640?RCAID=24038 www.Appliance-Repair-Help.com www.AppliancePartsResource.com www.ApplianceGuru.com
  10. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Rheem Gas Furnace Gas Valve and Friends

    From the album: HVAC

    Uploaded for forum topic Rheem gas furnace burners will not ignite
  11. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Stupid Plumber's Trick

    From the album: Washer Repair

    Removing a clogged protective screen inside the water inlet is a favorite trick among plumbers... and a great way to get a house flood from the water valve sticking open. Don't do it!
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