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Wolf GR366 Oven and Broiler Woes


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Moved into new home and inherited a Wolf GR366 all gas range/oven. Oven worked fine for a few months and then my mother-in-law reported it wasn't heating. Not sure if the broiler ever worked before as we didn't have a chance to use it.

Current Oven Behavior:

1. When moving the oven temperature knob from off -> a selected oven temperature, the Call For Heat light illuminates solid red for 5 seconds, and then begins flashing rapidly (~5x per second). Bake electrode does not glow, no sounds are heard, and there is no residual smell of gas. 

2. When advancing the oven temperature knob to the "broil" setting, a relay-type click can be heard from the lower right front panel area, there's a gas-whooshing sound, and the smell of gas from inside the oven. Broil electrode does not glow. The Call For Heat light again illuminates solid red for 5 seconds, and then begins flashing rapidly (2x per second).

3. The 6 burners on the stove top all work fine.

DIY Repairs Attempted So Far:

1. Replaced bake electrode with OEM part 822349.

2. Replaced oven solenoid with OEM part 814480. 

Issues persist.

Next Steps:

Could this be a DSI board issue? The only reference to rapid flashing of the CFH from the GR service manual is for a different stovetop configuration than mine (griddle), and the troubleshooting suggests it's either a solenoid or DSI board issue.

Should I be hearing that noise from the lower right front panel area when the broil mode is engaged, and the immediate whooshing of gas? Not sure what normal operation sounds like.

All ideas and suggestions appreciated!

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The electrodes for the bake and broil are spark electrodes. They should make a rapid succession of snapping sounds until ignition is achieved. Once flame is present, the flame from the burner produces a small electrical current that the spark electrode senses and reports back to the DSI board.

So, if you've replaced the electrode and still have the same results, then I would replace the DSI board. They are known to go bad.

Basically how it works is this: You call for the oven to heat. The DSI board activates a relay which sends voltage to the gas valve. It then initiates the sparking and will spark for 7 seconds or until a flame is detected. Again, it determines if a flame is present through the spark electrode, and the wire diagram shows the spark electrode wired directly to the DSI board. If no flame is detected, the DSI stops the sparks, closes the valve, and waits 40 seconds to purge the lines. It will then repeat this cycle once more. If after the second attempt the DSI does not see flame present, the oven LED light will blink showing an issue.

Since you smell gas, we can conclude that the DSI board is sending voltage to the gas valve, and the gas valve is releasing gas. Since you stated that no sounds are heard when you call for the oven to activate, we can conclude that the DSI board is activating the gas valve, but not the spark igniter. Make sure the connections from the DSI to the electrode are secure and there are no splits in the wire. If the wiring looks good, replace the DSI.

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Thanks for this, Daniel!

I verified some damage to pins 2/3 of the J1 on the DSI board and replaced it. 

Unfortunately when I powered back on, there was a bang and a puff of smoke from the back right corner of the unit. I noticed some evidence of spillage on top of wiring while I had the top off to replace the DSI board, and cleaned it up as best I could, but the liquid + heat must have fused a few wires together out of sight.

Going to throw in the towel and have a tech out to fix it. 

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