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    • 27 April 2024 02:00 PM Until 03:00 PM
      All Appliantology tech members are invited to join in this workshop on all things Appliantological. 
      We have a special session planned for this one. Instead of the usual Show 'n Tell on a technical topic, we're going to post tech sheets in the comments to this Calendar Event (scroll down to see what's posted so far) and ask specific questions that can only be answered by reading the tech sheet. If you at least try to answer the questions beforehand, you'll get a lot more out of it. The tech sheet and the questions are posted in the comments section below.
      Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to check out the questions for each one and try to answer them ahead of time. Then come to the Dojo to see how well you did! 
      Who: This workshop is only available to tech members at Appliantology.
      When: Saturday, April 27 @10:00 AM Eastern Time.
      Where: Online via Zoom
      Click here to go to the forum topic with the registration link. If you're interested, register now. Arrive a couple minutes early to make sure your connection is working. Set a reminder for yourself for this workshop so you don’t miss it.  And check out past workshops here: https://appliantology.org/announcement/33-webinar-recordings-index-page/

[Free] How to Build a Tech

Son of Samurai

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We hope you enjoy this free workshop and that it helps make you a better appliance tech. This workshop will be available to the public for free through this month. After that, we'll remove this one and post a new free featured workshop selected from our vast repository of appliance repair training workshop videos.

If you're currently a professional appliance repair tech, these workshop videos will improve your understanding of electric circuits and appliance technology and up your troubleshooting game. If you're a DIYer or considering getting into the appliance repair trade (great choice!), these workshops will kick your training into high gear.

If you would like a more structured, step-by-step, training experience, enroll today at the Master Samurai Tech Appliance Repair School. One of the benefits of enrolling at Master Samurai Tech is that you get a free 6-month professional membership here at Appliantology which gives you access to all the workshops, the tech forums, and the service manual downloads. If you get certified in our Core Appliance Repair Training Course, you get a free annual professional membership at Appliantology. See details on this page

Now, on to the workshop! 


What do you do when you need to grow your team of appliance techs in order to meet the demand for service calls, but you can't find any job candidates with experience? This is the reality for thousands of companies across the country, since very few quality techs with experience are on the job market. You're in luck: with the training options available today, you can build a tech! Hire based on character and aptitude, then add training and some experience, and you'll have an independent appliance tech in a matter of months.

In this workshop, we discuss the hiring and the training process that many successful companies have used to grow their crew of techs so that they can meet their customer's needs. Although building a tech takes a little time, the end result is often more desirable because you can build good habits and conform them to your system early on.

You'll come away with a lot of tips and ideas that you can begin to implement right away to grow your team of service techs.

Want a detailed training program on how to build a tech? Click here to download our guide on how to get hires who stick with the trade and succeed.


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