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[Free] Schematics vs. Wiring Diagrams

Son of Samurai

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We hope you enjoy this free workshop and that it helps make you a better appliance tech. This workshop will be available to the public for free through this month. After that, we'll remove this one and post a new free featured workshop selected from our vast repository of appliance repair training workshop videos.

If you're currently a professional appliance repair tech, these workshop videos will improve your understanding of electric circuits and appliance technology and up your troubleshooting game. If you're a DIYer or considering getting into the appliance repair trade (great choice!), these workshops will kick your training into high gear.

If you would like a more structured, step-by-step, training experience, enroll today at the Master Samurai Tech Appliance Repair School. One of the benefits of enrolling at Master Samurai Tech is that you get a free 6-month professional membership here at Appliantology which gives you access to all the workshops, the tech forums, and the service manual downloads. If you get certified in our Core Appliance Repair Training Course, you get a free annual professional membership at Appliantology. See details on this page

Now, on to the workshop! 


Schematics and wiring diagrams -- two different kinds of service documents that seem similar, but actually serve completely different purposes. One of them is essential to any electrical troubleshooting and should be consulted on every service call, while the other has much more niche applications. But which is which, and how do you tell them apart?

That's what we explore in this workshop. Take a gander and deepen your mastery!


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