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Let's hope everyone's fine. I heard the areas with high Finnish population weren't badly affected... No, I'm not trying to say that it relieves my heart a lot. I know that many, many fine people have lost their homes, lives, loved ones... countless things not calculable in earthly values.

But should someone again point their finger at the mankind and say that this is the result of our doing... I'm sure that partially it is, but the strange weathers in the last couple years aren't just the greenhouse effect. Natural powers are at work, such powers that the mankind has no control over. We didn't make that comet pass so close this year, and I bet we may be a minor factor that contributed to the 2004 tsunami, but definitely we could not have made it not happen. Both events have had significant effects on the weather all around the globe.

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Jedi Appliance Guy

I think you meant to say the developments developed by developers Pegi.  Thanks for your concern.  We were spared tornado damage here in Palm Beach County.  Now as a young Jedi many years ago I did run calls in Century Village in Dearfield Beach Florida and Century Village in Boca Raton Florida.  Yup! I was a villager.

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