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Viking refrigerator VCSB482-SS won't defrost (won't forced defrost either)

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First, major props out to the Samurai for this awesome resource.

The fridge has had no fewer than four squawks (door seals went bad, freezer/frigde baffle wouldn't open. evap fan broke, no defrost) so far and I've been able to diagnose the first three, but this one has me stuck for the moment.

I tried to do a forced defrost (Display on first, then Max Ref+Display Off) to no avail.  The coils in the freezer are still a block o' ice. It beeps and does as I expected.  It also sounds like an electromechanical relay clicks closed, too.

I'm not sure where the electronics are on this unit, I assume up top by the display.  Is there a way to bypass the control board and put voltage directly to the defrost unit to make sure it's ok? Any pointers on where to test next would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.


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I'd be looking at either the defrost heater or thermostat. If the evap coil is as frosted up as you say you'd be better off to shut the unit down and let it defrost before taking anything apart.

Viking built-in refrigeration products are evil.

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