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who says no summer jobs for kids?

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called whirlpool helpline to find out if i could put liquid bluing in the fabric softener dispenser (1/4 tsp max in with the downey)

she didnt know what i was talking about !

i explained, then you could almost hear her autopilot kick on after which she said in a trance-like monotone "we only recommend adding fabric softer to that dispenser"

my question remains: could i add liquid bluing to wash load via fabric softener dispenser?

(so i dont hafta hear how old im getting from any of the rest of you)

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it depends when you want the "blueing agent" dispensed into the clothes- took a quick look at the link you sent,still not sure exactly what this product is supposed to do,but it appears to be similar to bleaching,which gets dispensed early in the cycle to ensure proper rinsing thereafter. bear in mind that anything placed into fabric softener disp. gets added in final rinse,and is not rinsed out,thereby leaving residue-how will this product feel against your skin,especially when sweating etc.??             i still say the answer to your problems is to condition the water. (softener)

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ONLY thing it has in common with bleach is that its for your whites load.

bluing adds the faintest tint to whites giving them a visually whiter appearance

you can add it to the wash OR the final rinse but it should be diluted 1st & since the machine does that to fabric softener as its dispensed i wondered if i couldnt save myself the trouble of "manually" diluting & waiting for the machine to hit a certain point in the cycle...

i just wanted to check in with it - see if anyone does it that way, make sure im not innocently hurting my machine somehow...

re: softening systems

you dint see my kowtow response?

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