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Maytag 2356AEA - water and ice dispenser kaput

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Hi all-

Great forum - wish I had found it before today, because I have had the appliance experience from hell the past 4 years.

First, my GE over-the-counter microwave cuts out (bad magnetron). Three times. First under warranty, then not (but repaired by GE after I complained heartily, since it was one week out), then finally the third time, for which I was rewarded a hefty $100 towards the purchase of a new unit (despite it being a clear lemon). Still, it pales in comparison to this fridge....

I bought it in 99, and it's been nothing but trouble ever since. First, it was the adaptive defrost. Then, it was the compressor fan. Fine - both were still under warranty. Warranty dies, and it's the adaptive control - again. Then, the defrost heater. TWICE. By now, the fridge which had cost $1100 has cost me 5 repair visits (4 under warranty) and $200.

The last time out, I replaced the adaptive defrost myself. Shortly thereafter, I started to have some problems with the water dispenser - it would lock up (thank you, modern electronics) - and I'd have to power down and power back up the fridge (rebooting a fridge?!).

Apparently, whatever was about to give finally did, since the last time, it didn't just lock up, but start heating up immensely on the surface of the control pad. I'm guessing here, but either my control board or my switchpad is no longer with us. At any rate, the whole front panel is shot - no water, no ice, no light. No LEDs lit.

So my questions:

- Is there any way to test (either with a multimeter, or even visually) whether I need a new control board or switch pad, or both? The switch pad is inexpensive, but the control board is up there ($60).

- Does it make sense to pick up and replace the defrost heater as well? (I'm guessing there must be a way to measure resistance and see if that is shot as well, but for $7, might be worthwhile to get a spare anyway).

- Does anyone know where I could get a repair/troubleshooting manual for this monster? I've tried all the online parts places, and none of them have it in stock (I called a few, and places seem to list it as 'special-order', but really mean they don't and won't have it).

- Should I keep fixing this thing? At what point do you just throw in the towel and say 'this is a piece of junk, no more money gets thrown into it'?

I really wish they had lemon laws for kitchen appliances..

If anyone can shed some light on this, it's greatly appreciated.



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you might want to contact maytag in regards to this as i seem to recall a repair kit we were installing in those fridges which contained an entire front control pad,circuit board and water valve. they can probably steer you into one of these kits,if you are persistant.

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Thanks kdog - although my experience with Maytag to date is that they're anything but helpful. Anything's worth a shot at this point.

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