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Older GE Electric Oven Thermostat Not Working Right

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I have an old (probably 1980-85) model electric GE Range/Oven in my condo.  The model number outside says 'P7 Automatic Oven Cleaning'.  The model number inside the door is JMP22002WH.  It has a 4-burner stove top with an oven below.

Everything pretty much works, but recently, I have had to turn the oven temperature knob up to about 450 degrees before the 'oven on' light comes on.  Below 450 degrees, the indicater is off, and the oven stays cold.  Above that, the oven seems to work normally.

But I am tired of cremating my dinners!  I need to either fix or replace this thing.

Any ideas on what item to replace to fix it?  I can tell it is thermostat-related, but replacing the thermostat may not be what fixes it.

To replace the whole range, I have to find replacement that will fit.  I am dismayed to find that this thing is only 27" wide (including the chrome trim on either side), and standard ovens now are 30".  It looks like a 'drop in' kind, but I haven't seen a picture of a modern-day drop in that looks identical.

Thanks for any input/advice.


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Deffinitely sounds like all indicataions point to bad t-stat.

There is also the possibility that the selector switch (Bake, broil, clean, etc.) is bad and thinks it wants the clean cycle so only comes on when t-stat is turned up to clean position.

William Burk (Willie)

Willie's Budget Appliance Repair

Eureka, CA 95501

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